Sample of Technical Proposal of Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant by Cybersman

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 Water Treatment Plant
   Of Paint Factory
                            TECHNICAL PROPOSAL

     The quality of paint on paint factory that uses water as a solvent (Water-
     Based Paint Manufacturing) is very dependent on the quality of water
     used. The parameter significantly impact the quality of paint is the
     bacterial content in water. Bacteria-contaminated paint will decrease in
     the quality and shortens lifetime of the paint. Therefore, to ensure the
     raw water free from bacterial contamination, it will be needed a system
     process to eliminate bacteria. One of water treatment technology that
     can eliminate or filter out bacteria is Process Ultrafiltration (UF) and
     Ultraviolet Process.

     The purpose and goal of this project is to eliminate the bacteria from
     raw water in paint manufacture.

     Ultrafiltration and Ultraviolet Disinfection are two process will be applied
     to Paint’s Factory WTP to remove bacteria from raw water.

     Raw water from reservoir is flowed into Ultrafiltration membrane with
     pore sizes <0.01-0.02 Micron. Then the water is collected in Product
     Water Tank and subsequently flown to Ultraviolet existing system which
     aims to remove the rest of the remaining bacteria from Ultrafiltration
     process and remove bacteria that could growth in piping line. UF
     efficiency for bacterial removal was 90% on average within three years.
     UF 95% efficiency will only be achieved in the first year and then will
     decline. This is caused by using chemical backwash during chemical
     cleaning. So that the Total Bacteria Removal Efficiency with the above
     system will only reach 95%

Chlorine usage for maintenance process of UF System are used in the

1. Chemical Enhanced backwash (CEB); in this process using chlor dose
   50 ppm. Time duration for CEB process are 20 seconds for every 15
   minutes filtration. Meanwhile backwash debit is 18 m3/hour,
   therefore this CEB produce wastewater 6.75 m3/shift (8 hours)

2. This process using chlor dose 50 ppm with duration time for
   Maintenance Cleaning is 60 seconds for every 12 hours. After
   membrane was soaked by using 50 ppm chlor, then Sodium Bi-
   Sulphite (SBS) was flowed as long as 30 seconds to neutralize chlor.
   Debit for MC Process is 18 m3/hour, therefore MC process will
   produce 600 Litre/day as wastewater containing chlor, and also will
   produce 300 Litre/day as wastewater containing SBS.

3. This process will be needed if Differential Pressure between in and
   out Filtration greater than 2 bar. This is shown that UF have clogged.
   CIP Frequency depend on entering raw water quality, it predicted CIP
   Process conducted once in 2 weeks. In CIP process, chor solution
   was circulated with 3000 ppm chlor concentration within 1-3 hours.
   Circulation of Chlorine solution is conducted to remove organic
   foulants. And then circulation with 3% Citric Acid solution is
   conducted to remove inorganic foulants. Volume of each CIP Solution
   is 300 Litre. Before they were wasted into Drainage, this CIP solution
   should be neutralized by SBS solution and NaOH.


     1.   Product Water Tank
          Volume          :      8000 Liter
          Diameter        :      1430 mm
          Height          :      3240 mm
          Material        :      Stainless Steel
          Qty             :      2 unit

     2.   UF Sistem
          Module                          : HFS-2020
          Qty of Module                   : 3 Unit
          Air Scouring Blower Cap.        : 4.8-9 m3/hr/module
          Membrane Material               : PVDF
          Nominal Size                    : 0.02 micron meter
          Membrane Surface Area           : 72 m2
          Dimension                       : 8.5 Inches
          Length of Module                : 2,160 m
          Filtration Methode              : Out to In, Dead End or Cross Flow
          Max. TMP                        : 300 kPa (43.5 PSI)
          Normal Operation TMP            : <200 kPa (29.0 PSI)
          Operating Temp. Range           : 0-40 oC
          Operating pH Range              : 1-10
          Cleaning pH Range               : 0-12
          Cleaning Temp. Range            : 0-40 oC
          Max. Concentration of NaClO : 3000 mg/L (as Cl2)
          Max. NaClO Expossure            : 1,000,000 mg/L
          Maximum acid contact time       : 1,000 hours (pH>0)

-   Feed Pump
    Capacity            : 12 m3/jam
    Head                : 2 bar
    Motor               : 1.1 kW
    Housing Mat’l       : Cast Iron
    Material Impeller   : Stainless Steel
    Qty                 : 1 unit

-   Backwash Pump
    Capacity            : 18 m3/jam
    Head                : 2 bar
    Motor               : 2.2 kW
    Housing Mat’l       : Cast Iron
    Material Impeller   : Stainless Steel
    Qty                 : 1 unit

-   CIP Pump
    Capacity            : 9 m3/jam
    Head                : 2 bar
    Motor               : 1.1 kW
    Housing Mat’l       : Stainless Steel
    Material Impeller   : Stainless Steel
    Qty                 : 1 unit

-   Dosing pump for Cl2 and SBS of CEB
    Capacity            : 17 LPH
    Pressure            : 10 Bar
    Voltage             : 240 Volt
    Qty                 : 2 unit

     -   Air Scouring Compressor
         Air Capacity            : 300 Liter/menit
         Motor                   : 3.7 kW
         Qty                     : 1 unit

     -   CIP Tank
         Volume                  : 250 Liter
         Material                : Polyethilene
         Qty                     : 1 unit

     -   CEB Tank (Chlorine & SBS Tank)
         Volume                  : 250 Liter
         Material                : Polyethilene
         Qty                     : 2 unit

     -   Pre Cartridge (smaller than 200 micron meter)
     -   PLC Control Panel
         Schneider Telemecanique
     -   Internal Piping UF
         Inlet Piping Material          : PVC
         Outlet Piping Material         : SUS-304

3.   Piping
     -   Line from existing Reservoir to UV & UF Skid
         Material & Dimension           : PVC Rucika AW, Diameter 2”
     -   Line from UF to PWT to existing Distribution line
         Material & Dimension           : SUS 304, Diameter 3”
     -   Line Backwash
         Material & Dimension           : PVC, Diameter 3”
     -   Line CIP
         Material & Dimension           : PVC, Diameter 2”
     -   Line Drain
         Material                       : PVC

4.   Sanitation Distribution Loop System (by others)
     Methode         : Biocide or Steam


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