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Please specify the dog(s) in which you/your family are interested in becoming the guardian of:

[Please Note: We understand that this Application asks many detailed questions, and we appreciate your taking
the time to complete it. We ask so many questions because matching you with the perfect companion is
important to us.]




Home phone#:                                             Cell Phone#:

1.        Why are you interested in adopting a dog?

2.        Are you more interested in adopting a male dog or a female dog, and why?

3.        Do you prefer a dog that is spayed/neutered, or not?

4.        What breed, or combination of breeds, would you prefer in the dog you adopt, and why have
          you selected those over other breeds?

5.        Please explain any prior experience you have with the breed(s) that interest you:

6.        What age range would you prefer the dog you adopt to fall in?

7.        If you are interested in adopting a specific dog, why have you chosen him/her?

8.        Are you over 21 years old?

9.        Marital status (i.e., single, married, domestic partner, etc.):

10.       Ages of adults living in home:

11.       Ages of your children living in home:

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12.   Employer name:

13.   Work phone#:

14.   How many hours a week do you work on average?

15.   Type of home (i.e., condo/apartment/mobile home/duplex/single family):

16.   Do you rent or own?

17.   Do you know if the homeowner’s insurance covering the property discriminates between

18.   How long have you lived at your current address?

19.   Do you understand that if you are selected to adopt a dog, and you own your home, you will be
      required to provide proof of home ownership (i.e., tax bill or deed)? And that, if you rent, you
      will be required to provide a copy of your lease, as well as to grant CTUnderhound Railroad
      (“CTUR”) permission to contact your landlord?

20.   If you rent, and your lease/arrangements allow dogs, please provide the contact information for
      your landlord.

21.   Do you understand that a visit to your home by a representative of CTUR, prior to your
      adoption, is a part of the process?

22.   Do you have a pool? We ask because, if you do, we want to make sure you know how to keep a
      dog safe around it.

23.   Is your yard fenced? If so, please describe the fencing (i.e., type, height, how large an area,

24.   Are you willing to accept behavior problems in the dog you adopt? What kinds of behaviors are
      you willing to accept and work with?

25.   What kinds of behaviors do you consider unacceptable in dogs?

26.   Do you plan to keep this dog well socialized with other dogs, through exposure to other well
      socialized dogs? If so, where, how, and how often?

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27.   Sometimes, dogs that are initially social, can become aggressive with other dogs as they age.
      This is particularly true with dogs that are not kept well socialized. If your dog developed
      aggression toward other dogs over time, would you be willing to keep them, and: (a) work with
      them (and a trainer, if necessary) to correct the aggression if, and as much as, possible; AND (b)
      if unable to correct the aggression, would you be willing to take the necessary steps to maintain
      your dog’s safety as well as that of other dogs (i.e., by keeping your dog away from other dogs,
      muzzling, leashing, etc.)? Or, is dog aggression a behavior that you would be unwilling/unable
      to work with?

28.   If the dog you adopt needs to be house-trained (as they usually do) how do you plan to house-
      train him/her?

29.   What training methods do you generally plan to use?

30.   Do you plan to attend an obedience class or other professional training, if so what kind and

31.   What method do you plan to use to correct/discipline your dog, when necessary?

32.   What method will you use to exercise the dog and how often will you do it?

33.   When you are at home, where will the dog be?

34.   When you are away, where will the dog be?

35.   On average, how many hours will the dog be alone per day?

36.   Where will the dog sleep?

37.   What do you think will be the hardest part about becoming this dog’s guardian?

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38.   How much money do you expect to spend on the dog in an average month (i.e., for food,
      heartworm preventative, etc.,)?

39.   Are you willing to accept and treat any health problems from which the dog you adopt may
      suffer, now and in the future?

40.   Sadly, veterinary bills these days can sometimes be thousands of dollars, especially in the case
      of emergency accidents. How would you plan to cover the costs of treatment for the dog you
      adopt, if he/she unexpectedly incurred high veterinary bills?

41.   If you go away for an extended period of time, what will your plans be for the dog?

42.   If you needed to move, and your new home did not allow dogs (or dogs of your’s size or breed),
      what will your plans be for the dog?

43.   If you are interested in adopting a pit bull, do you understand that landlords often refuse to rent
      to those with pit bulls? How do you plan to deal with that?

44.   Do you have other companion animals?

45.   If the answer to the above, is yes, please describe your other companion animals, including
      breeds, ages, where they were obtained, and the length of time that you have been their

46.   If are currently the guardian of any other dogs, please describe their personality style(s):

47.   Are your other companion animals spayed/neutered?

48.   How many companion animals have you been the guardian of in your lifetime? In the case of
      dogs, please list breed(s):

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49.      What happened to those, if any, that are no longer with you?

50.      If you have ever given a companion animal up or away, or had one euthanized for medical,
         behavioral, or other reasons? If yes, please explain circumstances.

51.      Veterinarian reference (name, location and phone number):

52.      Do you give CTUnderhound Railroad permission to contact the above-named veterinarian?

53.      If you are selected to adopt a dog from CTUR, would you agree to return the dog to CTUR, if at
         any time in the future and for any reason, you could no longer keep, or care for him/her?

Signature of person completing this Application:

Printed name:


*If there is any additional information you would like us to know, or answers to questions that would not fit in
the spaces provided, please include in the body of your email.

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