Langstroth Beehive – 3 Things about the Langstroth Beehive

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					           Langstroth Beehive – 3 Things about the Langstroth Beehive


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The Langstroth beehive is a popular hive. This popularity seems to be seen in the US in
particular where it should not be too hard to find a Langstroth beehive. There are other
hives besides the latter. This being, this article will focus on the Lansgtroth beehive.
Effectively, the main hives besides the Lansgtroth beehive are the top bar hive and the
basket hive.

Firstly, one question that a person can wonder about is: “Do I have to build a hive?” To
this question, I can respond by saying that no, you do not have to build a hive on your
own. In fact, there are ready-made model that can be bought. This way you might end
up saving the time that could have been spent setting up the hive from scratch.

If You Want to Construct your Hive

Perhaps you want to make your hive yourself. In that case, you could do so with plans
for instance. What truly matters is that whether you decide to buy an already made
beehive or you decide to construct your own; the final result should be one that will help
you do beekeeping with assurance.

Parts of the Langstroth Beehive

In this section, I hope to give you a list of parts that make up the Langstroth beehive.
Effectively, parts of this type of beehive are the:

•     Outer cover
•     Inner cover
•     Shallow honey super
•     Queen excluder
•     Upper deep or food chamber
•     Lower deep or brood chamber
•     Slatted rack
•     Bottom board
•     Hive stand}

Something that may be beneficial

Unless your hive comes painted, you may have to apply some coats of paint to its outer
surface. Why should you do that? In fact, because the hive will be used outside and
thus will be exposed to the weather, painting the hive should help you make it more
resistant. However, certain parts should not be painted. These parts are the cover, the
feeder, the frames and the hive bodies. Painting these sections could lead the bees to
swarm because of the odor. Additionally, you may want to avoid that the paint gets in
contact with the honey.

One does not have to build his/her Langstroth beehive. It is possible to purchase a hive
that is already done and possibly save some time. This being if a person wants to build
a beehive, getting a blueprint can help in achieving this task. However, if the Lansgtroth
beehive does not come with painting on the surface, applying some coats could get you
a hive that will be more weather resistant. Nevertheless, to preserve the quality of your
honey for instance, certain elements of the hive should not be painted. Among those are
the hive bodies and the frames.

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