City Beekeeping – Is Backyard Beekeeping A Fantasy

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					                  City Beekeeping – Is City Beekeeping A Fantasy?


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City Beekeeping can be a challenging thought. Indeed, bees are easily associated with
the wild environment where there is not a high population density. City beekeeping
might not be known to everyone. And this is really understandable when the fact that
bees can lead to stings is acknowledged. But, as a beekeeping enthusiast, should this
means that if you live in urban area you should forget about pursuing a hobby such as
beekeeping? As you can imagine and also perhaps from the title of this article, city
beekeeping is possible as long as the regulations where you live allow it. Yes, it is
possible but certain precautions have to be taken to try to arrange you and your

Water for the bees

One element that is particularly important for city beekeeping has to do with water.
Even though bees can travel long distances to get the material they need, you should
have a source of water for them near their hive. Why have a source of water if they are
already traveling to get to the flowers? In fact, if there is not a source of hydration near
the hive, the bees might try to get this water from a neighbor’s swimming pool for
instance. As you can see, having water installed can be of great help in preventing this
type of cases.


Additionally, due to the apprehension that people might have towards bees you may
want to hide your hive. The less your neighbors can see it, the less they might be led to
think about it. You could achieve that by having a fence installed. Through the taking of
this step you could get actually more than one benefit for our bee hive. In fact, not only
can a fence hide your hive but it can also protect it from strong winds.

The installation of a fence should also change to an extent the way your bees fly. In
fact, a tall fence will lead them to fly high. Thus, there should be fewer chances for the
bees to collide with your neighbors.

Going out of the hive

In this section, I hope to talk a little bit about the manner bees go for a foraging flight.
Effectively due to the fact that bees don’t fly around their hive to take on a journey, the
opening of the hive should not be directed towards a place where people will be moving
about. Effectively, avoiding having you bees come into contact with people can help
prevent situations of harm and apprehension. Isn’t that amazing that the flying path of
bees can be altered I n such a way?

Your neighbors could be a concern when it comes to your practice of beekeeping.In fact,
if your neighbors are in conflict with you over the fact that you are keeping bees, the
hobby itself might lead to less pleasure. Consequently, having an approach that permits
to decrease the chances of altercation appears to be the best way to go. Thus, tips to
help in doing so are: having sufficient water near the hive, installing a fence, and having
the hive entrance well directed.

Description: Is city beekeeping a dream or something possible? For an element of response, read this article.
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