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Are you looking for beekeeping information? Check out this article for some info about the Langstroth beehive.

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									          Beekeeping Information: 3 Points about the Langstroth Beehive


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Are you looking for beekeeping information about beekeeping hives? If you are, I can
tell you that several searches have been done around this subject. This being,
throughout this article, I hope to present you one of the beekeeping hives, being the
Langstroth hive. Thus, please keep reading for more information.

Let's begin our beekeeping information with a bit of history. The Langstroth hive has
already been employed by many. However, concerning the United States this beehive is
commonly utilized by beekeepers. If you are living in the United Kingdom, then the top
bar hive will be more popular there. Nonetheless this article will focus on the Langstroth
beehive named after L.L Langstroth in 1852.

Beekeeping information: About the Past

The Lansgtroth hive marked the entry in modern beekeeping. Effectively before it was
devised by Langstroth, it can be said that the methods of beekeeping used where
sometimes not respecting of bees’ lives. In fact, a technique to obtain honey was based
on placing caps over the tops of hives. By doing so, the bees would make cells of wax
and put the honey in the artificial caps. Then, the beekeepers would extract this honey
by squeezing the wax.

Another way to acquire the fruit of honeybees’ labor and the wax was done by cutting
down certain trees. People would cut down trees that contained hives within their
trunks. As one can imagine, this method killed colonies.

A Way Out?

The Langstroth hive helps the beekeeper work in a better way with the bees than if he
were to cut down a tree were these bees were living. In fact, unless a person build
his/her hive from scratch, it is unlikely to have to cut down a tree. Actually, you don’t
need to build a hive yourself. You could purchase one that is already done. But, if you
want to do your beehive, it is also possible to buy blueprints to help you in building it.
One can note however, that the top bar hive can be preferred to the Langstroth beehive
when it comes to the cost of building the Langstroth hive.

The Parts of the Hive

There are certain parts that you could expect to find if you buy a Langstroth hive. Parts
composing the Langstroth beehive are: the hive stand, the slatted rack, the queen
excluder, the bottom board, the shallow honey super, the upper deep, the lower deep,
the outer cover, the and the inner cover.

In order to resist the weather more, you may have to apply some coats of paint on the
outer surface of the beehive. Though, certain parts of the hive should not be painted to
avoid bees’ swarming, and having your honey gets in contact with the paint. These
parts are the frames, the feeder, the hive bodies and the cover.

Beekeeping hives are more than one. However, if we were to select one that can be
found around the world, it could be the Langstroth beehive. This hive has been an
important step towards modern beekeeping. Moreover, the Langstroth hive permitted to
care for bees and extract their honey in a manner that is more efficient than certain
techniques used before. For a new beekeeper, getting a Langstroth hive does not
equate with building a hive from scratch, as it is possible to purchase this type of

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