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What are these 2 thing to do beekeeping in the city.

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									Beekeeping in the City – 2 Beneficial Things to Do Beekeeping in the City


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Can people do beekeeping in the city? Yes, it is possible to keep bees in the city,
providing that the law in your vicinity allows doing so. However, it can be deduced that
environment of urban areas is different from that of the wild where bees could be found.
Now, does this mean that you need to create a similar environment in order to do
beekeeping in the city? The answer is to an extent positive and at the same time, you
do not have to replicate completely the wild. This being, I want to assure you that the
steps that could be taken to do city beekeeping are not extraordinary and can actually
be quite feasible. In this article, we will look at advantages of raising a fence. Moreover,
this article will also talk about the need to provide enough water to your bees.

A fence of at least 6 ft tall

A fence of at least 6 ft tall could bring in some advantages for the beekeeper. In case,
you do not have a backyard, I have learned that some beekeepers had been keeping
bees on tops of buildings. Here is something you may want to look at. Nevertheless,
raising a fence in a backyard can lead to more than one advantage. First of all, a fence
can conceal your beehive. The fact is not that your hobby has to be hidden. It is more
about not provoking apprehension in your neighbors’ hearts. Effectively, the less a
person sees something, the less he/she might be led to think about it. This could also
be applied to beekeeping. In fact, people might not feel safe having a beekeeper near
their house. Consequently, the less they see your hive the less they might think about
bees’ stings for instance.

There are two other benefits that one could expect from raising a new a fence of at least
6 feet high. The first one is linked to the way your bees will fly. Having such a fence
should decrease the possibility that your bees meet your neighbors. Actually, the fence
will lead the bees to fly higher. Thus, they will likely be flying above people. A third
benefit that can arise from raising a fence can be associated with the protection of your
hive. Effectively, if you have a fence, strong winds could have fewer chances to break
the bee hive.

Bees need water

Doing beekeeping in the city is likely to lead you to have to provide for a source of water
for your bees If your bees do not have a source of hydration near the hive as in the
wild, they could look for it in a place like a swimming pool. There is more than one way
to go about putting a source of water not far from the hive. One way to install this
hydration source could be done by using water jars or feeders.

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