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									                Beekeeping for Beginners: Different Types of Bees?


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Honey bees are really advantageous for human beings. In fact, through them we can
obtain honey. Perhaps if you are a new beekeeper you would like information that could
be termed (by me) as beekeeping for beginners. What are some types of honey
bees? Aren’t all bees the same? As you can imagine all honey bees are not completely
similar. In fact, there are different types of bees, and while some honey bees can be
readily domesticated, this judgment cannot necessarily be applied to all the bees’
species. For more on this beekeeping for beginners, please continue to read this

I hope to present briefly two types of honey bees. These are the apis mellifera and the
apis cerana. Why can those two be raised and kept by a beekeeper and others don’t
readily present the same advantage? This case has actually to do with the fact that
readily domesticated bees have higher tolerance for disturbances than other bees. A
book designed for beekeeping for beginners would normally not be able to touch all
the honey bees types in great details.

The Apis Mellifera

The European honey bee, or another appellation of the apis mellifera, is a honey bee
likely to be seen in the United States, for instance. However, despite its appellation, the
apis mellifera can also be found in Asia. Bees of this type present consistency in the
labor division of its members. Depending on the conditions, the colony population might
grow up to sixty thousand bees. Otherwise, in response to a lack of resources, the
colony will not grow. Additionally, it can be said that instead of the single comb hive
made by certain bees’ species, the European honey bees constructs parallel combs.
These hives can be located in three trunks as well as in caves.

Second One, for This Beekeeping for Beginners Information: The Oriental Bee or
Apis Cerana

Due to the different climates (among other factors) in the places where the apis cerana
can be found. The size of the bees is not a single one. India, China and Korea are
locations where this type of bee can be found. Even though the oriental bees may
abandon their hive or abscond, they can still be domesticated. Actually, in rural places
in the tropics where this type of bees are raised, the honeybees can be found in
movable frame hives. Furthermore, Compared to the apis florae for example, the apis
cerana have a wider area coverage.
All honey bees are not the same and with the different types of honey bees come
different characteristics. In fact, even though there is more than one category of honey
bees, all these bees are not readily domesticated. Some bees can be found living
around a lot of disturbance while others might abandon their hives when disturbed. If
one’s goal is to practice beekeeping, knowing that the apis mellifera and the apis cerana
are bees that it might be easier to house the apis cerana and the apis mellifera, can be
interesting information to have.

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