Beekeeping Beginners - Why Use These Tools

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					                   Beekeeping Beginners: Why Use These Tools?


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I would think that beekeeping beginners could have questions to ask about this
hobby/activity. In fact, for a person beginning beekeeping, it is quite normal to want to
know what equipment is needed to keep bees. If you want an overview of some useful
beekeeping supply, please keep reading this article.

Beekeeping Beginners – The Veil and Others

As it is commonly known, bees can inflict pain. Before I even got reading about
beekeeping, I was aware of the fact that bees could sting. I think that this information
might also be known to many beekeeping beginners. As a result, it can be expected
that this hobby might require being precautious. Among these safety measures is the
use of a netted veil that can be combined with a beekeeping suit. To these two, you can
add a pair of jeans and boots.

Nonetheless, there is more to beekeeping equipments. I would like to mention another
tool. This one is the smoker. The smoker, as indicated by its name, creates smoke to an
extent. But what does a smoker look like? It is a closed kettle that has a tall body.
Moreover, to let the oxygen get in, there is an air inlet. How does the smoker work? In
order to have the smoker work, burning chips of wood are introduced inside the smoker.
Then, from the spout, the smoke comes out of the chamber. But what can smoke do?
Actually, the smoke will calm the bees which can help you before the harvesting for

Beekeeping Beginners: Removing the Natural Glue or Propolis

To help remove the natural glue placed by honeybees on sections of the beehive, one
can use the hive tool. The hive tool should lead you to take out the propolis or natural
glue without much noise. In fact, when a person works near the bees, it is advised to be
slow and calm. Consequently, having tools that can have you care for your bees without
agitating them have chances to be beneficial.

Beekeeping Beginners: Not a Normal Fork

In beekeeping there is a particular fork that is used. It is the uncapping fork. This fork
which in a way shares similarities with our normal forks is wider, flatter and has several
points of metal. To employ the uncapping fork, one can use it at extraction time for the
removal of the caps put by honey bees. Effectively, honeybees will normally cap cells
that are filled with honey. Note that another form of fork, the bent fork, is employed to
verify if there is a varroa mite infestation.
Several tools are associated to beekeeping as mentioned earlier. These tools can be
used to protect the beekeeper as well as help him/her work on the bee hive. The veil,
the suit and the smoker are turned towards the safety of the beekeeper. On the other
hand, one could find that the hive tool and the uncapping fork can have a beekeeper
save on time and energy.

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