Ten Lies About Diets

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					                     Ten Lies About Diets

      There are many maxims of diets, familiar to most people who
care about their health. However, many maxims are lies, conveying
wrong ideas to people and it's time to correct them. Once people
mention sugar, salt, and fat, they would say coincidentally, "don't eat
too much". Is that true? Everything has its limit. As long as you don't
cross it, you will not be harmed.

1. Fresh vegetables are healthier than the frozen ones. If fresh
vegetables are referred to ones just picked from vegetable field, then
it is right to say so. But in fact, what we eat is not that fresh, usually
placed for several days and losing many vitamins. Instead, the frozen
vegetables contain more vitamins as they are frozen to prevent the
loss of vitamins.

2. You can totally trust on mineral water. There are many
minerals which are healthy for people. But mineral water can also
contain harmful substances, such as mercury and cadmium. Recently,
Dutch scientists have analyzed 68 kinds of mineral water from 16
countries and found there are much more bacteria in mineral water
than what we think. Though those bacteria may not cause damage, for
weak people they are still dangerous.

3. It is unhealthy to drink coffee. People think drinking coffee
cause the loss of calcium and so they usually pour some milk on it. In
fact, coffee is healthy for people which can refresh them. When you
get up, dizzy, then you can drink a cup of coffee and you feel sober.
4. It is better to eat raw vegetables because in this way, many
nutrients are kept. But it is not the case for all vegetables. For
example, potatoes, beans, and eggplants contain toxic substances and
should be cooked for eating. Carrots are high in vitamin A, but only
when they are cooked, vitamin A can be absorbed.

5. Salad is healthy because it contains low calories. Though salad
contains much water, it contains few nutrients. What's more, women
are not suitable for eating too much salad because most of them have
a cold physique. Too much salad causes a bad metabolism, blood
circulation and skin. Besides, many vegetables contain high nitrate
which is very harmful.

6. Eating snacks at night can ruin your figure. If it is true, 99% of
people can get fat. In fact, only when you eat too much at night, you
gain weight. However, eating food too late can result in insomnia.

7. Eggs with dark color are more nutritive than those with light
colors. But the color of eggs is only related to hens' breeds. The
nutritive value of eggs depends on hens' sate of health and the quality
of feed.

8. Honey contains low calories, helpful for losing weight. But it
is not true. In fact, 100 grams honey contains 303 calories and 100
grams sugar contains 399 calories. Thus, we can see honey doesn't
contain that low calories. But, honey does contain more potassium,
zinc and copper.

9. Sweetener is good for losing weight. Many people know eating
sugar can gain weight and thus, use sweetener to take place of sugar.
But   researches   show   that   sweetener,   especially   saccharin,   can
accelerate the secretion of insulin. As a result, people turn out to
depend on sugar more.

10. Drinking some wine can warm people up. But it is just an
illusion. The body temperature actually decreases because capillaries
under skin expand quickly.

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