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									Merge Healthcare
Relevant Technology for
Clinical Productivity  TM

Additional internal notes for VARs

                            CONFIDENTIAL   1
EMEA Branding
• FUSION GL is the “platform branding” for the
  next generation EMEA offering
     • Re-branded FUSION PACS workspace
     • FUSION PACS Archive server
     • Medavis RIS
     • Medavis RIS

                          CONFIDENTIAL           2
Merge Healthcare EMEA Products
RIS/PACS offering:
• Fusion PACS GL 2.2*
     –   Includes both Fusion 1.5 archive and Fusion PACS Workspace
•   Fusion RIS GL*
     – Rebranding of the Medavis RIS
•   Fusion RIS/PACS GL*
     –   Phase 1: HL7 integration of Fusion PACS GL & Fusion RIS GL

Clinical applications (standalone):
• Merge Mammo 7.0
• Merge Ortho 2.1*
• Merge PET/CT 1.3*

• eFilm 2.1.2

• Merge ExamWorks Flex (Merge Box) 4.4.5

* WIP. Merge Healthcare is not legally obligated to develop described "future"
software with the features and functionality described.
                                        CONFIDENTIAL                             3
Benefit: Powerful New Platform

• Smart Client Architecture: enabled by Microsoft .NET,
  combines the power of the PC with the reach of the web for
  easier deployment, maintenance, and improved local client
• 64-Bit Support: enables users to easily load large studies
  along with numerous comparison studies. With 64-bit support,
  users are no longer limited by memory. (v2.2)
• Auto Configure: allows the client to automatically detect and
  optimize itself to the client's existing hardware.
• Balanced Computing Architecture: enables redundancy
  and load balancing across multiple servers and enables
  scalable client performance.

                              CONFIDENTIAL                        4
Benefit: Reduced Image Load Time

• Dynamic Progressive Decompression: Images are
  efficiently decompressed to the resolution required for display.
  As the user zooms or magnifies an image it is dynamically
  decompressed further. This minimizes load on network
• Image Loading Prioritization: The client prioritizes image
  loading based on the user’s viewing preferences, enabling the
  user to start working with the images they need, sooner
• Client-Server Communication: Optimized communication
  between the Smart client, Workspace server, and Archive, for
  faster transfer of images and clinical information.

                               CONFIDENTIAL                          5
Benefit: Adapts to Radiologist’ Workflow

• User Specific Logins: Application specific logins, each user
  has a unique username and password, enabling their
  preferences to follow them wherever they log in. This also
  enables accurate tracking of who viewed and marked a study as
• Auto Learning: A powerful and effortless way for the user to
  set up viewing protocols. The client learns the current
  presentation at the press of a button.
• Interrupt Sessions: With the 4 available interrupt sessions,
  the user can easily open other viewing sessions within the same
  application, without any impacting performance.
• Customizable User Interface: Users can optimize the user
  interface for how they work, enabling more efficient reading.

                              CONFIDENTIAL                          6
Benefit: Enables more Efficient Reading

• Patient Master Jacket: Simulates a patient’s film jacket,
  provides access to all the studies and associated reports for a
  patient. Users can dynamically load any prior study, on the fly.
• Single Station Integration: Relevant HIS/RIS information is
  seamlessly presented to the user, minimizing time for hunting
  and gathering information. Order and report information is
  completely integrated with the study information.
• Voice Dictation: Interfaced with Powerscribe Voice Dictation
  package. Radiologists can easily start dictating, without having
  to switch to another application or enter study information.
• Reading Efficiency Tools: FUSION PACS GL offers many
  efficiency features such as Auto-Read Workflow, Under Review
  Visibility, Read By Visibility, and Auto-Scroll Feature.
                               CONFIDENTIAL                          7
Benefit: Enhances Communication

• Instant messaging: Users can easily and unobtrusively send
    instant messages to other users, facilitating peer to peer
•   Voice Over IP: Two users can talk live from client to client,
    facilitating dynamic peer to peer communication.
•   Study Links: Users can easily send a study link along with a
    message to another user, facilitating peer collaboration on a
•   Study Notes: Any user can enter notes for a study or select
    from a preset list of study expression, which can be viewed by
    any user accessing the study.
•   Key Images: Any user can save a key image for a study,
    facilitating communication of relevant imagery between users.

                                CONFIDENTIAL                         8
Version 2.2 Features
• Support 64 bit processing and operating
  – Benefit: Enables radiologist to load over 10,000
    images simultaneously.
• Add 64 Bit Edition optional license.
  – Benefit: Offers licensing control for customers
    purchasing the premium 64 bit edition.
• Support multiple interrupt sessions (one main
  session and four interrupt sessions).
  – Benefit: Enables users to manage multiple
    sessions to minimize the impact of interruptions.
                         CONFIDENTIAL                   9
Version 2.2 Features
• Support hover scrolling. The user does not need to click on a
  viewport to activate it first, they can simply start scrolling with
  their mouse wheel when they are hovered over a viewport and it
  will become the active viewport.
    – Benefit: Improved ease of use and minimizes number of clicks.
• Enable better handling of automatically loaded priors that are
  from a different modality from the current unread study.
    – Benefit: Further flexibility and control with configuring priors for
      viewing protocols.
• Update integration with OnBase for 64 bit support.
    – Benefit: Improved ease of use and enables customers to integrate
      with the latest version of OnBase.

                                    CONFIDENTIAL                             10
Client Licensing
• License are assigned per client, not per user or
  concurrent users.
• Licensing is tied to the type of monitor(s) connected
  to the client.
• The application can detect the monitor type that is
  connected to the client and ensure that the proper
  license is assigned to that client.
• If a customer changes the monitor hardware, the
  application will detect the change and determine
  whether a license upgrade is needed.
• The site administrator will be able to view and
  manage licenses via the administrative GUI.

                          CONFIDENTIAL                    11
Licensing Types
• Two types of licenses
  – Principal
  – Associate
• The software and features are exactly the
  same for a Principal or Associate license.
• Principal licenses are for clients with 2MP
  Grayscale monitors or higher.
• Associate licenses are for clients with 2MP
  Color monitors or lower.

                      CONFIDENTIAL              12
Licensing per Monitor Type
                     Grayscale              Color

       5MP                             Principal



      Less than   Associate
                        CONFIDENTIAL                13
Optional Licenses
• A customer can also purchase additional
  optional licenses.
• These are loaded onto a client, in addition to
  the Associate or Principal license.
• Available Options:
  – Dictation
  – Electronic Documents

                       CONFIDENTIAL                14
Conversion/Upgrades for Current
Fusion PACS (eFilm Viewer)
Conversion/Upgrades for current
Fusion PACS (efilm viewer)

                   CONFIDENTIAL   15
Fusion PACS - Today

  Fusion PACS Clients     Fusion PACS (WF)     Fusion Archive
   eFilm 3.0                                 FUSION PACS 1.4

                        CONFIDENTIAL                            16
Fusion PACS GL – Today
                                                         Databridge                RIS


    Fusion PACS Smart Clients                Workspace Server         Fusion Archive
FUSION PACS Workspace 2.2 Smart Clients                               FUSION PACS 1.5
                                                                      San Francisco Interface Module

                                          CONFIDENTIAL                                                 17
Fusion PACS GL – Looking Ahead
                                                          Databridge              RIS



    Fusion PACS Smart Clients                    Workspace Server      Fusion Archive
FUSION PACS Workspace 2.4 Smart Clients                                FUSION PACS 2.0

                                           CONFIDENTIAL                                  18
Fusion RIS/PACS GL – Today
                                                          Databridge          Medavis RIS



   Fusion PACS Smart Clients                     Workspace Server      Fusion Archive
FUSION PACS Workspace 2.2 Smart Clients                                FUSION PACS 1.5
                                                                       San Francisco Interface Module

  Interfaced RIS/PACS workflow
                                           CONFIDENTIAL                                                 19
Fusion RIS/PACS GL – Looking Ahead
                                                          Databridge        Medavis RIS



    Fusion PACS Smart Clients                    Workspace Server      Fusion Archive
FUSION PACS Workspace 2.4 Smart Clients                                FUSION PACS 2.0

   Interfaced RIS/PACS workflow
                                           CONFIDENTIAL                                   20
Fusion RIS/PACS GL – Future Vision
                                                            Medavis RIS


     Fusion PACS Smart Clients                   Workspace Server   Fusion Archive
FUSION PACS Workspace 2.X Smart Clients                             FUSION PACS 2.0

     Integrated RIS/PACS workflow
                                           CONFIDENTIAL                               21
Graphical User Interface
•   Standardized graphical user interface for all users
•   Workstation-specific display provides important functions for the
    respective workstation at a glance.
•   Keyboard inputs using the F keys give faster access to menus and

Text Processing
•   Integrated text processing system that can be used for transferring data
    directly from the database to report texts and other documents
•   Apart from system-wide settings, each workstation can be configured
•   Each user can define his own settings, e.q. personal document

                                   CONFIDENTIAL                                22
Mail System
• Information between Fusion RIS GL users can be
  exchanged using the integrated RIS Mail System.
  You can send emails to individual users or to groups.
• Can be adapted to the special requirements of our
• Numerous configuration options are available,
  ensuring that the system can be customized to the
  changing environment of your practice or clinic.
                         CONFIDENTIAL                     23
System Architecture
• Based on a Microsoft Windows client-server solution.
• Can be configured with the number of workstations
  each radiological practice or clinic requires and the
  solution can be added to at any time.

                         CONFIDENTIAL                     24
Examinations can be assigned directly to rooms.
   • With compiled room display, rooms important to that
   workstation can be seen at a glance
   • A scalable time axis, as well as the colour marking
   of the current examination status, ensures that our
   customers never lose track of events.
   • Apart from the automatic
   assignment of examination rooms according to
   examination methods, the typical duration of an
   examination is also taken into account. The search
   options for the free appointment slots round off the
   easy-to-use scheduler.

                                CONFIDENTIAL               25
Integrated Tariffs
• Integration of current tariffs and health insurance
• Also setting up examination and material lists, and
   with the abbreviations the customer uses
• Makes changeover to Fusion RIS GL simple

                          CONFIDENTIAL                  26
Client-Server Architecture
• Guarantees access to all data from all workstations.
• All functions are available on every workstation for
   the corresponding user. User log on from any
• Central data management guarantees fast data
   exchange between individual workstations.

                          CONFIDENTIAL                   27
Product Roadmap
As of March. 6th 2007

*Works in Progress. Merge Healthcare is not
legally obligated to develop described "future"
software with the features and functionality

                           CONFIDENTIAL           28
EMEA Roadmap Overview
     Recently                Jan    Feb     Mar     Apr      May    Jun      Jul   Aug    Sep    Oct       Nov   Dec   …
     Released                07                                                                                        08

Fusion PACS Archive
                                            1.5                        2.0
eFilm Workstation
                                                        3.0                          3.1
Merge Mammo
                                     7.0                                                 7.1
Merge Ortho
                                                              2.1         C4                   2.2
Merge PET/CT
                                           1.3    branding

ExamWorks Flex
                                                  4.5                                                4.6
*Works in Progress. Merge Healthcare is not legally obligated to develop described "future"
software with the features and functionality described.
                                                      CONFIDENTIAL                                                     29
Marketing & Sales Tools

             CONFIDENTIAL   30
Merge Healthcare: A Global Leader in Medical Imaging Software

   The website contains a lot of
   information for you.
                           CONFIDENTIAL                     31
Website Tools
• Documents on the web:
  – Whitepapers
  – Product datasheets
  – Customer stories (from North America)

• VAR Marketing Portal (March 31)

                       CONFIDENTIAL         33
Additional Sales Tools
  • Company overview profile
    – Highlights Merge Healthcare info
    – Products information
    – Contact information

  • Product Info
    – Demo CD planned for Q2

  • Customer Success Stories/Reference Sites
    – Planning an initial reference site and story for
      Fusion PACS GL in Q2
                           CONFIDENTIAL                  34

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