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					                                                                                    Turnitin FAQ
                                                                                      Version 1.0

                          TURNITIN/ACADEMIC INTEGRITY
                           FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
Q: Where do I access Turnitin?
A: For now, Turnitin access occurs from the Faculty Portal. You will receive information
about our classroom integration in a few months.
Q: The link on the faculty portal gives me an error message or asks to set up an account
A: Please contact Frontline to reset your account access.
Q: How do I set my account up for my students to submit their assignments?
A: When you enter your account through the faculty portal, you must first create a class. You
will be given a Class ID and you must choose a password that is easy to remember. You will
give both the Class ID and password to your students so they can enroll in your class. For
now, students enroll in your class by first creating a profile at the Turnitin site. You will also
need to create at least one assignment, which will be where students submit their work.
Q: How do I set up an assignment?
A: Step-by-step instructions can be found on the faculty portal: Turnitin/AI guide
Q: What percentage is plagiarism in an originality report?
A: There is no magic number. It is less about the overall percentage and more about the
percentage of each unique source. If you climate bibliographic materials and small matches
2% and under when creating the assignment (instructions in Turnitin/AI guide), what is left
needs to be skimmed and eliminated or questioned.
Q: There must a magic number; a 40% match can’t be good, right?
A: The student may have used several large block quotes in their paper. Plagiarism? Not if
cited properly. Over reliance on quotes? Most likely. That will require a different
communication/teachable moment.
Q: A student’s paper matched to another Walden paper, what should I do?

A: A student paper match will be the primary source. First, you need to “view additional
sources” on the originality report (instructions in Turnitin/AI guide) to determine if perhaps
both papers used the same source, i.e.: the paper isn’t a match to another Walden paper so
much as both papers matched to an Internet source. When sending a letter of inquiry to the
student, make sure you know what kind of match it is. If the instructor of the other paper
gives you title/course information, you can reference it in your letter (not the name of the
other student), otherwise you can just state it was a match to another Walden paper.
Q: Can student s submit drafts of their assignment?

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                                                                                   Turnitin FAQ
                                                                                     Version 1.0

A: Yes, but you want to make sure that you recognize that a high match might be a recent
draft submission (or it could be a paper that was created last year and used for another course,
check dates). When creating an assignment, one of the options is generate originality reports
for student submissions, it defaults to “immediately first report is final”. You have a choice to
“allow drafts until the due date” (however, the due date needs to be fixed in this case). This
allows students to submit drafts until an assignment due date without having the final be a
large match to previous drafts. The Writing Center has their own submission space that
allows for drafts (without them being added to the database) so students have options. If you
do not want to allow drafts until the due date, just be advised that a draft may be submitted
and, therefore, check any large matches carefully before sending a plagiarism inquiry.
Q: I feel pretty confident my student has plagiarized what now?
A: Ultimately, you should know from your Program Director if informal warnings are
permitted and proceed accordingly. If the plagiarism is in a capstone draft, an informal
warning may not be appropriate. Regardless, a letter of inquiry should be sent to the student
(found on the faculty portal). If the alleged violation is serious enough to warrant it becoming
part of the student record, you must cc and your Program
Director (or their Academic Integrity designee) on their letter. The student is given a chance
to respond and from there, your PD/designee will decide (possibly in collaboration with you)
on a sanction and deliver their findings and the sanction back to the student, you and
Q: Where do I go if I need help with Turnitin?
A: Turnitin’s guides and videos provide a wealth of step by step information and
troubleshooting tips. Please reference this support first: Turnitin does have a faculty support line: 1-866-
816-5046 x241. The number should be used for faculty only. Soon, Frontline will be trained
on level 1 issues. More information to come when this is operational.
Q: Where do I send students if they need help with Turnitin?
A: For now, students should be directed to use the support guides and videos on the Turnitin
support page : They can also submit a ticket for
assistance: SST is not currently trained to
assist students with Turnitin. This will change in a few months and more information will
be provided when this is operational.
Q: How can I be proactive in helping students compose with Integrity?
A: Add an announcement to your class that lets them know they/you will be using Turnitin
(message available in the Turnitin/AI guide) and for any assistance with APA style, they
should be use their APA Style Guide, the Writing Center website resources, and for an
additional cost, Student Success Courses in APA Style, Graduate Writing and Academic
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