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									                                       02 Dec 2006


AKASH Memorial Charitable Trust & NOIDA Lok Manch
   Security Awareness
Sector Security
Home Security
General Security Guidelines
Special Tips for Senior Citizens
Special Tips for Women
Special Tips for Child Safety
Vehicle Security Tips
Help Police in Fighting Terrorism
•   Murder
•   Robbery
•   Burglary
•   Theft
•   Kidnapping
•   Chain/Purse/Mobile Snatching
•   Sex Related Crimes
  Sector Security
• Perimeter & Security Lighting
• Gates: Limited number of access
• Security Guards
  • Antecedents (Background checks)
  • Training
• Entry/ Exit Checks
• Hawkers
• Security Labels/ Stickers
Home Security

           •   Home Burglary
           • Doors
           • Windows
           • Home Security Measures
   Home Burglary
• Burglaries normally occur when we are not at home or
  during the night

• Survey during the day and Burglary during the night.

• Favorite items are Cash, Jewellery, Laptop computers,
  VCRs, Video players, Cameras etc.

• Look at your home through a burglar’s eyes.

   • How would you get in if you’d forgotten your keys?
   • If you can get in, so can a burglar.
   • Are there places where they could break in without
     being seen?
   • Would they have to make a lot of noise by breaking
  Distraction Burglary
• Some burglars try to trick their way in.
• They may say they are:
  • from the water supply, gas agency, electricity
    board, NOIDA Authority, post office/ Courier, or
  • they may ask for a glass of water, to wash
    their hands or claim to have lost a pet.
  • In fact, they’ll use any story they can, to get in.
• They may be young (even children) or old,
  male or female, and might work alone or
  in teams.
• They often target the elderly persons.
Security Measures on Door

             1) Door viewer/Magic Eye

             2) Hinges: Check that the door
                hinges are sturdy and secured.

             3) Letterbox: Never hang a spare
                key inside the letterbox.

             4 & 5) Rim Latch/ Automatic

             6) Safety Chain

             7) Deadlock on the door or grill

• The first step is to make the entry to
  your home more difficult.
• Use a quality, heavy-duty, deadbolt
• Use a wide-angle 160°/ 180° peephole
  mounted no higher than 57 inches.
• Make a window in the grill to receive
  letter(s)/ parcels from Couriers.
Door Viewer/ Magic Eye

             Lens coverage: 180˚
             Height: Less than 145 Cm (4„ 9“)

           • Deadlock can be installed on
           a door or grill.
           • If you move into a new home,
           change the front and back door
           locks immediately.
           • Never leave your house or car
           keys in or near a door or
• Windows are left unlocked and open more
  frequently than doors.
• An open window, visible from the street, may be
  the sole reason for your home to be selected by
  a burglar.
• Ground floor windows are more susceptible to
  break-ins for obvious reasons.
• Upper floor windows become attractive, if they
  can be accessed from a stairway, tree, or by
  climbing on balconies.
• Windows should have secondary blocking
  devices to prevent sliding them open from the

          • Consider fitting security
          grills on vulnerable windows.

          • A thief can get through any
          gap that is larger than a
          human head.
Home Security Measures
Be a GOOD Neighbor
o Get to know your neighbors.
o Invite them into your home, communicate
  often, and establish trust.
o Good neighbors will watch out for your
  home or apartment when you are away, if
  you ask them.
o They can report suspicious activity to the
  police, or to you while you are away.
Home Security Measures
• Lighting

  • Interior lighting is necessary to show
    signs of life and activity inside a
    residence at night.
  • A dark home night-after-night sends the
    message to burglars that you are away
    on a trip.
  • The purpose of good lighting is to allow
    you to see a threat or suspicious
Keep a Dog

             •A dog is one of the best deterrents.

             •Not because it's vicious, it need not
             even be seen, but it has to be heard.

             • A dog with a menacing bark will
             scare away burglars.

             •If you don't have a dog, there's
             nothing stopping you from pretending
             - A „Beware of Dog‟ sign on your
             fence, a dog house in the back yard,
             even a loose dog chain or bowl can
             drive away a potential burglar.
Home Security Measures
• If you get home and notice signs of a
  • Don’t go in or shout as the burglar could
    still be inside;
  • Go to a neighbor’s to call the police – if
    you think the burglar is still inside, let
    the police know; and
  • Don’t touch anything, you could destroy
    valuable evidence.
 General Security Tips
• Ensure all doors/ windows have proper
  iron grill.
• Use a safety latch to allow only partial
  opening of the door.
• Look through the magic eye before
  opening the door.
• If possible, keep a dog, otherwise display
  a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign board.
• Make some identification marks on
  valuable items (stickers/ engraving…)
• Fit a burglar alarm, but make sure it is
  installed properly and works.
General Security Tips
• Don’t keep valuables at home.
• Don’t make a display of your cash and
• Don’t boast of your prosperity.
• Don’t trust strangers.
• Don’t open doors for unidentified people.
• Don’t let servants access to almirahs or
• Don’t allow servant’s visitors to stay at
  your servant quarter.
General Security Tips
• Ensure you know the particulars of
  plumber, electrician before allowing
  them inside the house.
• Keep vital telephone numbers handy,
  or feed them in your mobile:
  • Police Control : 100 (Landline)
                   : 2525100
                   : 2514750
  • Fire:          : 101
                   : 2521111
  • Ambulance      : 2351020
                   : 2350033
General Security Tips

• Always go out in a group for
  morning & evening walk
• Be vigilant and intimate any
  suspicious activity to Police and
• Get your house holds insured.
• Check antecedents of tenant before
  letting out premises.
• Get your servant verified from the
  nearest Police station.
General Security Tips
• If the house key is lost, replace the
• Keep the bunch of keys out of reach
  of servant and local help like
  plumber/ electrician etc.
• Ladder should not be left outside the
• Never buy articles/ items that you
  think might be stolen, no matter how
  tempting the bargain.
Special Tips for Senior Citizens

• Install a burglar alarm and connect
  it to your neighbor’s home.
• Don’t allow strangers to become too
• Don’t be a recluse , keep socializing.
• Keep your house and car keys safe
  and away from doors and windows.
• Get Police verification done for your
Special Tips for Women
• Keep your purse close to your body.
• Money, valuables should not be visible in the
• Avoid passing through lonely lanes, unlit and
  dark areas.
• Be alert of any suspicious persons.
• Don’t carry more money than necessary.
• Never disclose the fact that you are alone at
  home to strangers.
• Avoid going out alone at night.
• In case of an attack, attract attention by
• Avoid wearing clothes which attract negative
Special Tips for Women (Contd.)
• Lock
  Keep your doors and windows locked,
  even when you’re at home.
• Stop
  Are you expecting anyone, do they have
  an appointment? Make sure the back
  door is locked.
• Chain
  Put the door bar or chain on, before you
  open the door.
• Check
  Check the identity of strangers carefully.
  Ask for an ID card.
Special Tips for Women (Contd.)

• Always keep car doors locked, and
  the windows partially rolled up while
• If you have car trouble, never get out
  of the car or raise the hood. Instead,
  keep the doors locked and call the
  police or assistance
• Women should walk with confidence.
Special Tips for Child Safety
• Ensure that children know the names of
  their parents, residential address and
  telephone number.
• Teach your children never to take gifts or
  accept rides from strangers.
• Antecedents of baby sitters should be
• Report loitering of suspicious individual(s)
  in areas where children play, to Police.
• Never let your children get into a car with
  a stranger.
• Don’t let your children go inside a
  stranger’s house.
Vehicle Security Tips

• Use Steering, Gear or Electronic
  lock with alarm in addition to Car
  Door lock.
• Engrave registration number of the
  car on all the Window glasses.
• Park your car in authorized parking.
• Don’t leave valuables or Laptop in
  the car.
• If you have to leave Laptop, keep it
  in the boot.
Help Police in Fighting Terrorism
• Identify Suspicious Persons
  • Odd man out (Clothes, Language and behavior).
• Identify Suspicious Vehicles
  • Odd vehicle out ( Number plate, Occupants,
    Parking for prolonged period).
• Call ‘100’ to inform the suspicious activity
  to Police.
• Do not touch any unclaimed items.
• Do not rent out your house to unknown
• Check the credentials of the buyer before
  selling vehicle/ flat.

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