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                                                                            Aarf Home Pet Care Services
                                                                                3410, Semenyk Cr, #6,
                                                                                Mississauga, L5C 4P8
                                                                              Call: 905-290-1916,
                                                                              647-890-DOGS (3647)
                                          Client and Pet Info

Client's Name                                                  Pet's Name


Postal Code                         Phone                           Cell/ Pager


State the estimated duration of your dog's stay at Aarf Home
Start date:                                        Time:

 End date:                                         Time:

How did you hear about us?

        Google         Other Web site           specify website:

        Yahoo           Existing client         specify who:

Brief Description of Dog:
Age:                                Breed:                              Colour:

Sex:                                Birthday:                           Weight:

Does your dog have any medical conditions?

If you have pet insurance, please provide information:

Is your dog spayed/neutered?
                                                                    Yes           No

                                                                    Yes           No
 Does your dog have up-to-date vaccinations?
(Please ensure that valid tags are
included on dog's collar)

Is your dog micro-chipped?                                           Yes          No

 Vet's Name:                                             Clinic Name:

Does your dog regularly exhibit any of the following behaviour:

Aggression toward other dogs                                              Yes       No

Aggression toward people:                                                  Yes       No

Fear of or aggression toward children                                      Yes      No

Excessive leash pulling                                                    Yes       No

Chase cats, squirrels, etc.                                                Yes       No

Attempts to dart through an opening door                                   Yes       No

Has your dog completed any obedience training? If yes, what level:

Can your dog be let off leash in the designated park area?                 Yes       No

Require Coat Trim: Big dog -$21.00 , Small dog - $15.00                    Yes      No

Require Shampoo/Blow Dry: Big dog -$16.00, Small dog - $12.00              Yes       No

Familiar Commands:

Other Notes: Pee, Poop, Feed
or other pertinent information

Name and phone number of a friend/ neighbour to contact in case you are unreachable in the
event of an emergency:

Name:                                            Phone:

Client Signature : _________________________________

Date : __________________________
                                                                             Aarf Home Pet Care Services
                                                                                 3410, Semenyk Cr, #6,
                                                                                 Mississauga, L5C 4P8
                                                                                Call: 905-290-1916,
                                                                                647-890-DOGS (3647)

                                        Client Agreement

Between                                                and Aarf Home.


 I hereby agree to the rate of $                per visit/day.
I understand and agree that if I cancel a service within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, I will
be charged for one day of service.

I understand and agree that in the event that my regular walker/boarder is ill, another walker
employed by Aarf Home will fill in as necessary.
I acknowledge that Aarf Home charges an extra fee of $5.00 per service on statutory holidays
I agree that all email correspondence sent to me by Aarf Home (e.g., last minute additions or
cancellations) must be acknowledged by Aarf Home. If I do not receive confirmation of receipt, it is my
responsibility to ensure that the message has been received.
Aarf Home shall assume no liability for any illness or injury caused to my pet or to other persons,
pets or property. If my pet becomes injured or ill, Aarf Home is hereby authorized to take my pet
to the nearest animal care facility and such expense shall by my responsibility as the owner.
Any illness that has been found to be present prior to being placed in the care of Aarf Home, and
is transmitted to other resident pets, I will be responsible for the reimbursement for all the
veterinary costs.
If my pet gets overtly aggressive and thus causes harm to other resident pets or
owners/employees of Aarf Home, my pet will be placed in quarantine with the city of Mississauga
and all fines and fees will fall upon the responsibility of myself as the owner.
If I do not claim my pet on the day of intended pick up and if I fail to inform Aarf Home about any
delays, Aarf Home may have the rights to take action as seems necessary.

Signing below acknowledges that I have read, understood and agree to all of the above.

Client Signature _____________________________             Date    ____________________

Manager's Signature ________________________               Date    ____________________

Aarf Home Pet Care Services