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					                                                                             NV EM-I Fulltime Benefits At-A-Glance
If you have any questions about your benefits please contact your HR Payroll Benefits Coordinator.
Health Plan of Nevada - 2010       HPN provides an extensive network and the POS (point of service) plan allows you to choose among three
                                   levels of benefit options. The plan will provide you with the greatest flexibility when making your personal
                                   health decisions. Employees must wor k at least 30 hours per week. EmCare offers discounted single
                                   coverage ($47.35 cost to the employee) with the ability for employee to purchase dependent coverage at
                                   100% of the additional cost.
Delta Dental – 2010                Dental benefits include coverage for preventive, basic, major & orthodontia procedures.

Guardian Vision – 2010             Vision benefits offer over 34,000 private doctor locations in-network. Approximately 15,000 frames are fully
                                   covered. No claims submission for in-network services and supplies. Laser Correction surgery discounts are
Health Care Accounts (HCA)         You may contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year to cover out-of-pocket health care expenses for you and
                                   your dependents. You will receive more infor mation about this benefit and instructions on enrolling in a
                                   separate APG benefits kit.
Dependent Day Care Account         You may contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year to cover out-of-pocket dependent day care expenses.
(DCA)                              You will receive more information about this benefit and instructions on enrolling in a separate APG benefits
Business Expense                   Employees who are considered full-time and have BERA in their employment contract may be reimbursed up
Reimbursement Account (BERA)       to the specified amount in their employment contract for business related expenses incurred during the
                                   calendar year. The amount is prorated for partial calendar year employ ment. Business related expenses
                                   include, but are not limited to, continuing medical education and related travel expenses, and must be
                                   incurred by December 31st of each year. Reimbur sement for ms are to be faxed to AON for processing by
                                   March 31st of each year. Please refer to your Employ ment Contract for eligibility infor mation.
Reliance Standard Voluntary Life   Coverage amounts for the employee and/or spouse ranges from $10,000 to $500,000 (in incremen ts of
Insurance                          $10,000). Coverage amounts for children ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 (depending on their age). For the
                                   employee there is a $200,000 guarantee issue. You must enroll within sixty (60) days from your date of
                                   hire to be eligible for the guarantee issue.
401(k) Savings Plan                All employees are eligible to par ticipate in the 401(k) savings plan through Charles Schwab effective the first
                                   of the month following date of hire. Employees may elect to defer between 1% -25% of pre-tax earnings. The
                                   maximum allowable contribution for 2010 is $16,500.
401(k) Catch-Up Provision          Eligible employees (age 50 & older) may contribute an additional $5,500 to their retirement account in 2010.
                                   Employees may elect to defer between 1-25% of pre-tax earnings.
Elective Deferral Plan (EDP)       Upon satisfying eligibility requirements, employees will be required to make a one-time irrevocable election,
                                   within sixty (60) days. Employees can make their election by logging on to
                                   Participants may elect to defer, on a pre-tax basis, up to 20% of their gross pay to a maximum of $32,500 in
                                   2010. Note: The IRS states that earnings in excess of $245,000 cannot be considered eligible compensation
                                   for the purposes of this plan. Therefore, if your annual income exceeds $245,000 and you wish to defer
                                   $32,500 a year, you must elect to defer at least 16% in order to maximize this component of the retirement
                                   Eligibility Requirements: Employees become eligible to par ticipate in this plan upon completion of 1,000 hours
                                   worked during the fir st twelve (12) months of employ ment. If an employee does not complete 1,000 hours
                                   within the first year of employ ment, the 1,000 hour requirement will be calculated on a calendar year basis.
                                   Medical Directors become eligible upon 6 months of service.
Employee Assistance Program        All employees and their immediate household members are entitled to use the employee assistance program.
-More To Life                      This program is designed to help with various problems of a personal nature that might be affecting your life
                                   (i.e. alcohol/drug abuse, financial management, emotional problems, etc.). This service is completely
                                   confidential and may be used twenty- four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week by calling 1-888-777-0052
                                   or logging onto
MetLife Suite of Offerings         An enhanced benefit that provides access to a broad range of legal services, auto or home insurance and
-Hyatt Legal, Pet Insurance        various banking services. Visit (company name: EMSC) for more infor mation.
-Home/Auto Insurance &
-Banking Services
Voluntary Short Term Disability    Guaranteed issue VSTD with group rates. Two options available with amount selected by the employee, from
                                   $100 to $2,500/week ($10,750 /month) in $50 increments, not to exceed 60% of salary.
Voluntary Long Term Disability     A VLTD policy can provide you with protection if you are unable to per for m the duties of your job due to illness
                                   or injury. These are individual policies that you pay for directly to the carrier. Contact Financial Designs at
                                   888-898-DOCS for more infor mation.
US Savings Bonds                   Invest for the future through the security and safety of Series EE US Savings.

If there are any discrepancies between this information and the information cont ained in the plan documents and/or
policies, the plan documents and/or policies will rule.

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