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    Overview and Information Guide

                        ONCOR INTERNATIONAL

 Research & Marketing Overview                       I
          Our Guiding Principles

          Market Coverage

          Support Capabilities Summary

          Agent & Client Testimonials

          Team Members & Contact Information

 Menu of Services                                    II
          Research Department

          Marketing Department

 Research Tools & Databases                          III

                                         ONCOR INTERNATIONAL

                 ONCOR INTERNATIONAL

         LOS ANGELES / CORPORATE                        ORANGE COUNTY NORTH
        801 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 600             2300 E. Katella Avenue, Suite 100
            Los Angeles, CA 90017                           Anaheim, CA 92806
                  213-626-9101                                 714-385-1801
                                                        ORANGE COUNTY SOUTH
                                                      4675 MacArthur Court, Suite 725
          SAN FERNANDO VALLEY                            Newport Beach, CA 92660
      21820 Burbank Boulevard, Suite 270                      949-756-3135
          Woodland Hills, CA 91367
                                                      VENTURA & SANTA BARBARA
          SANTA CLARITA VALLEY                          751 Daily Drive, Suite 105
      28494 Westinghouse Place, Suite 206                 Camarillo, CA 93010
             Valencia, CA 91355                              805-987-8866

                                                              INLAND EMPIRE
            SAN GABRIEL VALLEY                     3998 Inland Empire Boulevard, Suite 400
      13191 Crossroads Pkwy. N, Suite 175                     Ontario, CA 91764
           City of Industry, CA 91746                           909-980-1234

                SOUTH BAY                                   PHOENIX ARIZONA
        1025 W. 190th Street, Suite 100              1702 E. Highland Avenue, Suite 120
             Gardena, CA 90248                               Phoenix, AZ 85016
                310-538-6700                                    602-957-7300

DAUM commits a significant amount of resources to provide superior support and assistance
to our agents and clients. In order to best represent our clients, we provide the highest quality
in our sales force, coupled with the same high standard in technology, research and marketing
Today the computer is every bit as important as the telephone to a top real estate agent. That
is why DAUM puts one on each agent’s desk and it is tied into a local area network. As the
globalization of the “Information Age” progresses, so has the daily use of the Internet for real
estate transactions. DAUM is equipped with a set of comprehensive tools and capabilities to
stay on the cutting edge of technology, through the use of e-mail, the transferring of files and
documents, a robust set of tools and online document management on our company intranet,
the marketing of properties, direct access to essential information and databases, while
distributing it in “real-time” to our clients. DAUM will continually strive to remain ahead of the
technology curve, to provide its agents and clients the quickest, most reliable way to achieve
sound real estate transactions.


                                     Collection & Analysis

 MARKETING                                                                       TECHNOLOGY

                                        Value to our

                                                                            EDUCATION &

                                                           ONCOR INTERNATIONAL

As the Chief Operating Officer for DAUM, I judge the success of my research and marketing
team on the value, service and satisfaction that we provide to our two clients, our agents and the
clients they serve. We pride ourselves on providing superior service and timely response to the
needs of our agents and clients in providing objective market analysis, financial analysis and
modeling, and a creative approach to marketing properties. I am proud to share a few agent and
client testimonials regarding our department.

  Here are just a few examples of what people are saying about DAUM’s
  Research & Marketing Department…….

    DAUM Client                     “This report is incredible…. Thank you for your fast
    Gary Hewson                     response and for the comprehensive analysis of the
    Secured Capital Corporation     Mid-Cities office market… Thanks again!!!!!”

    DAUM Agent
    Eric Burney
                                    “Thanks for the great market data support that you
    Inland Empire Office            provided to my client on my behalf!”

    DAUM Agent                      “I was just looking over the presentation you did for
    Mike Foxworthy                  me on the web and it looks great! You did a super job!
    Ventura County Office

    DAUM Agent                      “Thanks for the great package, it’s just what I
    Chuck Brill
    South Bay Office

    DAUM Client                   “Thank you very much for your timely response, and for
    Mike Basic                    providing such a comprehensive analysis of competing
    Delma Realty
                                  properties for our portfolio.”

                                                           ONCOR INTERNATIONAL

DAUM Client              “This morning I went to your website and found the reports
David Kaplan             that I was looking for. As always, your reports are very
Kaplan & Associates      comprehensive with great data. They keep me well
                         informed on each of the markets you cover.”

DAUM Agent              “The investment package that you put together for me was
Chris Migliori          awesome…that is exactly what I was looking for! You’re the
Anaheim Office          best!!!!”

DAUM Agent
Eric Burney
                         “The web tour you did for me looks great!       Thanks for
Inland Empire Office     turning this around so quickly!”

DAUM Agent               “I just wanted to drop you a note after reading the press
Don Bakos                release. I wanted to tell you what a great job that you're
Newport Beach Office     doing and how your work is just getting better and better. I
                         am really impressed that everything you put out seems to
                         be even better than what you've put out before.”

DAUM Agent                George, Stuart and I just obtained the listing from
Mike Foxworthy            Principal Financial. We simply could not have gotten the
Ventura County Office     assignment without your help! Thank you both!

DAUM Agent                Your Southern California Sales Trend Analysis is a very
Winfield Shiras           comprehensive and impressive report. This is a great
Ventura County Office     tool. Thank-you!

                                                    ONCOR INTERNATIONAL

    Chad J. Jacobson
    Chief Operating Officer
    Main Office:Corporate
    Phone Number:         213.270.2228
    Fax:                  213.626.5729

    Shannon Pucci
    Director of Marketing
    Main Office:         Corporate
    Phone Number: 213.270.2277
    Fax:                 213.687.8131

    Alex Rietmann
    Director of Research
    Main Office:         Corporate
    Phone Number: 213.270.2229
    Fax:                 213.687.8131

    Stephen Friday
    Senior Analyst, Research Services

    Main Office:         Corporate
    Phone Number: 213.270.2208
    Fax:                 213.687.8131

                                          ONCOR INTERNATIONAL
Chad J. Jacobson


Chad Jacobson joined DAUM in 1998, after 3 years of service with Charles
Dunn Company, Inc. Chad began his commercial real estate career as a
Research Analyst in the San Fernando Valley. After one-year of service, he
was promoted to Director of Research and was responsible for all of
Research Services in three branch locations throughout Southern
California. In addition to managing the Research Department, he was
responsible for tracking and compiling market statistics, corporate reporting
and financial analysis of investment properties. After building a solid
Research Department at Charles Dunn Company, Inc., a testament to being
                                                                                    Contact Information:
honored as the 1996 “Employee of the Year,” Chad realized the great
potential at DAUM, and put his skills and vision toward assisting the
management team in building the “New” DAUM, as he was appointed their              801 S Figueroa Street
Director of Research in 1998. Chad was promoted to Vice President of                     Suite 600
Research and Marketing Services in 2002 and Director of Operations in             Los Angeles, CA 90017
2005. In 2007, Chad was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and now
oversees and manages the entire support services platform for DAUM.                    P 213.270.2228
                                                                                       F 213.626.5729
At DAUM, Chad has been instrumental in organizing, coordinating and
streamlining the overall support platform for ten (10) brokerage locations,
throughout Southern California and Phoenix, Arizona. Chad’s main focus is
to provide a robust and efficient support model to meet and exceed the
information technology, research, marketing, public relations, and training
requirements of our agents and clients. Chad brings to DAUM, a strong
work ethic, competitive nature, dedication to excellence and a solutions-
based attitude.

Education:              Hastings College, Hastings, NE
                        B.A. 1994
                        Double Major: Economics & History

Awards & Honors:        1996 Employee of the Year- Charles Dunn
                        Hastings College Academic & Athletic Scholarship
                        All-NIAC Conference Selection- Baseball

Professional License:   California Real Estate Agent

Home:                   Woodland Hills, California

Family:                 Wife (Joanna) and Son (Connor- 1 year old)

                                                                     ONCOR INTERNATIONAL
Shannon Guziel Pucci

Shannon Guziel Pucci brings to DAUM several years of marketing
experience while working in a variety of industries, including the fields of
high technology and financial services. She previously managed the
marketing department of a major regional credit union in Northern
California, where she was responsible for Web development, copywriting,
promotion planning, graphic design and special event management.
Shannon began her marketing career with the San Diego-based e.Digital
Corporation by designing product packaging, sales kits and additional print
material for MP3 players and other consumer electronic devices. She has
also worked as an independent consultant to a number of clients and               Contact Information:
organizations where she provided services such as designing successful
internet and print marketing campaigns as well as coordinating exclusive          801 S Figueroa Street
events.                                                                                 Suite 600
                                                                                 Los Angeles, CA 90017
Shannon sought out the incredible opportunities and exciting platform that
was being created at DAUM, and has put her experience and know-how
toward assisting its research and marketing team, joining DAUM in October             P 213.270.2277
of 2005. At DAUM, Shannon provides value-added marketing support for                  F 213.687.8131
ten brokerage locations, throughout Southern California and Phoenix.
Shannon’s main responsibilities include: web design and print material

creation for lease, sale and investment properties. She also manages the
corporate identity and branding for DAUM and also explores new, cutting-
edge methods to maximize market reach for specific target audiences.
Shannon is an energetic and highly motivated individual who brings to
DAUM, a customer-driven, can-do attitude, combined with a strong
knowledge of graphic design and corporate communications.

Education:           California State University, San Marcos
                     B.S. 2001: Business Administration, Cum Laude
                     option: High Technology Management
                     Sigma Iota Epsilon Business Fraternity

                     Centers for Education & Technology, San Diego
                     Interactive Media Certificate Program
                     option: print

Home:                Santa Monica, California

                                                                 ONCOR INTERNATIONAL
Alex Rietmann


Alex Rietmann began his commercial real estate career with Grubb & Ellis
as a research analyst in 1998. Alex joined DAUM as a Senior Research
Analyst in February of 2000, where he helped in growing the research
services platform. In December of 2002, Alex left DAUM to broaden his
skills in taking a position with Public Storage as Acquisition Analyst. From
there, Alex went on to hold positions with the Watson Land Company
(Industrial REIT) and Wesco Properties (Single-Family & Multi-Family
Development and Management) before rejoining DAUM in April of 2007, as            Contact Information:
the Director of Research. Alex brings a multi-faceted background and
experience level to DAUM in the areas of research, financial analysis and         801 S Figueroa Street
modeling, as well as a strong understanding and background in property                  Suite 600
acquisitions and development.                                                    Los Angeles, CA 90017

At DAUM, Alex has been instrumental in providing value-added research                 P 213.270.2229
and analysis services for ten brokerage locations, throughout Southern                F 213.687.8131
California and Phoenix, Arizona. Alex brings to DAUM, a strong work ethic,
competitive nature, a customer-driven and solutions-based attitude, coupled

with a strong background and education in Planning and Real Estate

Education:                  University of Southern California
                            M.A. 1998: Planning & Real Estate Development
                            University of California- Riverside
                            B.A. 1996: Economics

Leadership Experience: UC Riverside
                            ODE, Economics Honor Society
                            Lambda Chapter, Chair University Diversity Task
                            Force, Student Co-Chair

Additional Languages:       French, German (native)

Home:                       Marina Del Rey, California

                                                                  ONCOR INTERNATIONAL
Stephen Friday


Stephen Friday joined DAUM after two years of working as an
construction permits and entitlements expediter. Stephen began his
career in commercial real estate with Dynamic Builders Inc. and later
started a consulting company, Permit Pro. As a consultant, Stephen
worked with local developers, architects, engineers, and city officials
to obtain construction permits for the development of new commercial
and industrial properties. Stephen recognized the tremendous
opportunities and exciting platform that was being created at DAUM,
                                                                             Contact Information:
and has put his skills and vision toward assisting its research and
marketing team, joining DAUM as an Analyst in March of 2005 and
                                                                             801 S Figueroa Street
was promoted to Senior Analyst in April of 2006.
                                                                                   Suite 600
At DAUM, Stephen provides value-added research, marketing and               Los Angeles, CA 90017
analysis support for ten brokerage locations, throughout Southern
California and Phoenix, Arizona. Stephen’s main responsibilities                 P 213.270.2208
include: data collection, market analysis, and providing financial               F 213.687.8131
analysis for lease, sale and investment properties. He also creates
and prepares a variety of project-specific reports, which include
marketing and analysis for DAUM agents, clients and government
agencies. Stephen brings to DAUM, a strong and positive work ethic,
detail-oriented nature, a customer-driven and solutions-based
attitude, coupled with a strong background in entitlements and
construction services.

Education:         California State University, Northridge
                   B.A. 2003: Urban Studies & City Planning
                   Magna Cum Laude

Home:              Los Angeles, California

                                                           ONCOR INTERNATIONAL

Quarterly Market Reviews- Office & Industrial

Historical Market Trend Analysis- Office & Industrial

Competitive Building Market Surveys & Analysis

Current & Historical Sales Transaction Analysis

Current & Historical Economic Trend Analysis

Sale & Lease Comparable Reports

Property Profiles & Mapping

Demographic Profiles- Area & Site Specific

City Overviews

County Overviews

Lease vs. Buy Analysis

Lease Analysis & “What if” Scenario Analysis & Comparison

Investment Analysis

Imputed Land Value Analysis

Argus Discounted Cash Flow Modeling & Analysis

Broker Opinion of Value Reports

Listing Proposals / Presentations

Participation in Annual Review & Forecast Seminars

                                          ONCOR INTERNATIONAL

Featured Property Websites & Virtual Tours

Brochure Templates

Target Marketing Brochures

Target Letter to Owners

Target Letter to Tenants

Market Specific Newsletters

Direct Mail Campaigns

E-Brochure Marketing Campaigns

Postcard Mailers (In-House & Outsourcing)

Offering Packages

Custom Sign Design

Presentation Boards & Banners

CoStarConnect (Online Available Property Database through the
DAUM Website)

                                       ONCOR INTERNATIONAL
                  RESEARCH &                   DATA              TOOLS

                     CoStarProperty- National Account Access

                     AIR- E-multiple- Individual Member Access

                     I.L.S.- Inland Empire, Anaheim & Newport Beach
Listing Service

                     The Smith Guide- City of Industry & Anaheim

            Individual Member Access

                     Metroscan- Southern California & Phoenix, AZ

                     CoStarComps- Southern California & Phoenix, AZ

                     CoStar Commercial MLS- National Account Access

                     CoStarTenant (Commercial Tenant Database)

                     iSite (Demographic Profiles- Area & Site Specific)- Corporate

                     Aerials Express (Aerial Photography & Mapping Software)- Corporate

                     Google Earth (Aerial and Mapping Software)

                     Virtual Earth (Aerial and Mapping Software)

                     Digital Map Products (Aerial Photography & Ownership Data Software)

                     Metropolis (Integration Database Software Program)

                     Dun & Bradstreet ZapData (Commercial Tenant Database)

                     infoUSA Sales Genie (Commercial Tenant Database)

                     RE Applications (Enterprise CRM / Property / CTS Database Solution)

                     Procalc+ (Lease Analysis Software)

                     Argus (Investment Analysis Software)

                                                       ONCOR INTERNATIONAL

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