; APHA th Annual Meeting Sessions on Climate Change and
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APHA th Annual Meeting Sessions on Climate Change and


APHA th Annual Meeting Sessions on Climate Change and

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									  APHA 136th Annual Meeting (2008): Sessions on Climate Change and Public Health
            Session                                                     Session
  Day        Time                     Session Title                     Number         Session Organizer                 Location
                                                                                  Willian Kuang-Yao Pan, DrPH
            2:30 -
Monday                Statistics and Climate Change: Is There a                   MS MPH (Organizer and            SDCC, Meeting Room
                      Consensus?                                           3360   Moderator)                       30B
                      Tightening Belts or Getting Fit? How Energy and
            2:30 -                                                                John M. Balbus, MD MPH
Monday                Transportation Policy Choices Affect Public                                                  SD Marriott Marina,
            4:00                                                                  (Organizer)
                      Health                                               3313                                    Marriott Hall Salon 2

            4:30 -    Beyond Food Miles: Reducing Our Carbon
            6:00      Foodprint (jointly organized by the Environment             Roni Neff, PhD SM (Organizer)    SD Marriott Marina,
                      and Food & Nutrition Sections)                       3404                                    Marriott Hall Salon 6
            10:30-                                                                APHA- Special Sessions           SD Marriott Marina,
            12:00     Climate Change: Will There be Food?                  4077   (Organizer)                      Marriott Hall Salon 4
            12:30 -   Communicating the Public Health Aspect of                   Stephen Luce (Organizer), Jana   SD Marriott Marina,
            2:00      Climate Change                                       4173   L. Telfer MA (Moderator)         Marriott Hall Salon 6
                                                                                                                   SD Marriott Marina,
            2:30 -                                                                John M. Balbus, MD MPH
Tuesday               Climate Change and Public Health: Next Steps                                                 Marina Ballroom
            4:00                                                                  (Organizer and Moderator)
                      for the Public Health Community                      4260                                    Salon D
            4:30 -                                                                Barbara Glenn, PhD (Organizer    SD Marriott Marina,
            6:00      Weather, Heat and Health                             4351   and Moderator)                   New York/Orlando
            4:30 -                                                                Public Health Nursing Section    SD Marriott Marina,
            6:00      Environmental Health and Climate Change            4380.3   (Organizer)                      Columbia 3
            8:30 -    Forum to Provide Input on Future Directions of              APHA (Organizer)                 SD Marriott Marina,
            10:00     Federal Climate Change Research                    5030.1                                    Santa Rosa
                                                                                                                   SD Marriott Marina,
            12:30 -                                                               Tony DeLucia, PhD (Organizer
Wednesday                                                                                                          Marina Ballroom
            2:00                                                                  and Moderator)
                      Climate Change and Environmental Health              5151                                    Salon E

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