Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Locate a Sentence by kellys3ps


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                        Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday
                              Locate a Sentence Activity

Locate each sentence below in the story. Write the page number of where you find each
sentence and write the page number on each line

          Except I needed to get some money to save.

          I always wanted to rent his snake for an hour.

          Saving money is hard.

          They (Grandma and Grandpa) brought a dollar for me and a
          dollar for Nick and a dollar for Anthony because – Mom
          says it isn’t nice to say this – we like money.

          I do not have a dollar anymore.

          I needed that bear.

          Good-bye fifteen cents.

          Because last Sunday, when I used to be rich, I went to
          Pearson’s Drug Store and got bubble gum.

          Good-bye twelve cents.

          I was absolutely saving the rest of my money.

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