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									   Angioedema - Understanding it's Causes and Cure
Angioedema is a allergic reaction that
causes swelling on the skin surface.
They occurs mostly on the eyes and lips.

The body produces something called
histamine in result to this reaction and
blood vessels begun to swell. It is a
deeper swelling and more or less like
hives, where you have more itchiness.

There are two types of Angioedema. They are

Acquired angioedema (AAE)

Hereditary angioedema (HAE)

                      Causes of Angioedema

The causes are unknown sometimes. But with certain causes, we
can suspect that it may be because of these causes:

      Insect Stings or Pollen
      Allergies of food like dairy, shellfish, nuts etc,
      Allergies of medications such as NSAIDS (non- steroidal anti-
       inflammatory drugs), aspirin, blood pressure medicines,
       ibuprofen, and other antibiotics
      Hair Dyes
      Diseases like Hodgkin, leukemia, lupus etc.

Angioedema Symptoms and Signs

      Itchy, Burning, Swollen and Painful feelings
      Appearance of red welts near lips and eyes and sometimes
       near throat
      Rashes on the hands·
      Discolored patches
      Swollen throat
      Hoarseness
      Breathing trouble
      Fever
      Muscle pain
      Decreased urine etc.,

                 Treatment option for Angioedema

Have a allergy test with the professional if you found any of the
causes mentioned above. You should also have to have urine test
and blood test in order to find, if you are infected with Angioedema.
If the results show that you have mild angioedema, then it can be
cured with certain therapies or antihistamines. If it is major, then you
have to make sure that, you can breathe easily. Sit in an open air
and try to breathe properly. Have the medicines at the correct time
that are prescribed by the professional s properly. The most
important thing is, you should not take any other drugs when you are
infected with angioedema.

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