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									          3 Easy steps to overcome anxiety
Are you suffering from anxiety disorders? Here are three easy to
implement steps to overcome it.

Plan our life. Setting a goal is the most important part to get rid of anxiety.
Most of the people fail to plan their goals as they get involved with the
basic structure of adult life. Some get a degree and think that the hard
part of life is over now and life will take care of itself.
Goals are just like your life atlas. They map your journey so you don’t end
up being a tense and anxious person in your practical life.
Long term goals are more like dreams but they’re a great source of
pleasure too once achieved. While as short term goals are exciting and
moving, changing and growing with the passage of time.
Writing down your goals and them repeating them loud can be a

Know yourself:
Yeah, this may sound crazy because you already know yourself. But let’s
try something just for fun here. Get a piece of paper and write down ever
characteristic of a human being you can think of (assertive, creative etc.).
Now write letter “S” for strong and “W” for weak beside each
characteristic. You’ll realize that those marked with a “W” are the
characteristics that cause anxiety, so you’ve got to avoid those. This way
you can know your strengths and weaknesses.

Be Grateful:
This is the glue that combines the first two steps. You’ll never be able to
overcome your anxiety, frustration and weaknesses without being
Take the time and be heartedly grateful, it will take the pressure off the
moments to come. Gratitude is the lubricant that makes your life smooth.
Envy is the opposite of gratitude. So count your countless blessing and
you’ll see how the blessings keep unfolding for you.
Challenge yourself to commit the above three steps. Write them down or
just bookmark them. If you act, then within a short time, you’ll begin to see
and feel the effects of your efforts.

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