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One Week Reflections


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									                                                                                        Intro & Fdns 2nd Ed.


        The action to dress professionally is completely suitable with my intention to be a “so called”
professional. As we progressed through out the years with teacher after teacher I notably honored the
ones that were consistently punctual with such minor details like dressing professionally. However,
there are always exceptions. For instance, Dr. Leatherman is a teacher in the religious department at
Southern Adventist University who defines an entire new respect toward professionalism. He is very
respected by his colleagues and students. He is countable as brilliant, but out of mere choice he chooses
to grow a beard that most would judge as unprofessional. So there is a line between what is right or
wrong. Out of my personal experiences the teachers that were looking like us as kids was my favorite.
The ones that we thought of as cool were most respected by me.

         Now to look toward class value of the dress code, we see there is a way for kids to see that even
younger adults look professional. Also, other schools will enjoy our company rather than abhor it. We
will be taking on a professional walk and talk, to reach kids to the best we can. So Jesus can touch lives
through us.

         Class activities and discussions from Tues. class are easily summed up as similar ideas. Tuesday s
class was a class that I believe to teach us more how to teach. A hands-on activity builder that we can all
look to as an example to how to convey harder ideas to children, and even adults. And the class
activities that we are going to be doing seem to be the most effective way for us to learn how to learn
about ourselves as teachers on the intent to become better teachers.

        My learning style will most likely be the best understood and be most recognizable in my
students. It will impact many things and ways that I will teach. Plain and simple I want to be the kind of
teacher that is a friend to the student, with intensions to impress religious truths upon their heart. (Ellen
White)And I will always adjust my teaching skills to teach the entire class to the best of their learning

        Basically, dressing uniform or professional, learning how to teach and convey knowledge
imputed by my teachers, learning my learning style, and not being so careless to afford effort to
properly adjust my idiosyncrasies for the best learning capable to all students is the very scattered and
hardly perceived conclusion to my pandemonium list of essay cognates.

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