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                                      “Health” Issues

Flesh food is injurious to health, and whatever affects the body has a corresponding

effect on the mind and the soul. Ministry of Healing, pg. 315

The habit of sitting up late at night is customary; but it is not pleasing to God, even if

you are both Christians. These untimely hours injure health, unfit the mind for the

next day's duties, and have an appearance of evil. The Adventist Home, pg. 56

Neither physical health nor mental vigor is promoted by a marriage that is entered

on too early in life. The Adventist Home, pg. 80

To the health and happiness of the whole family nothing is more vital than skill and

intelligence on the part of the cook. The Adventist Home, pg. 89

Come to your family with a cheerful countenance, with sympathy, tenderness, and

love. This will be better than expending money for medicines or physicians for your

wife. It will be health to the body and strength to the soul. The Adventist Home, pg.


Many might have been saved if they had been carefully instructed in regard to the

influence of this practice upon their health. An Appeal to Mothers, pg. 11
The health and souls of those you love are in peril, which makes this matter of the

greatest importance. An Appeal to Mothers, pg. 13

Many here destroy their own comfort injure their health, and violate a good

conscience, because they will not cease to do wrong. An Appeal to Mothers, pg. 26

They that will continue to abuse the health and life given them of God in this world,

would not make a right use of health and immortal life were it granted them in God's

everlasting kingdom. An Appeal to Mothers, pg. 27

Above all things, seek God while in health, that he may be your support and strength

if you should be sick or dying. An Appeal to Youth, pg. 77

It is important that instructions should be given by ministers in regard to living

temperately. They should show the relation which eating, working, resting, and

dressing sustain to health. A Call to Medical Evangelism and Health Education, pg. 10

But in order for this to be, they must practice self-denial and be temperate in all

things. Thus only can they be saved from physical and spiritual death and restored to

health. Medical Ministry, p. 262.

Virtue of character depends upon the right action of the powers of the mind and

body. Counsels on Health, p. 505.
Men and women must be taught to take a careful review of every habit and every

practice, and at once put away those things that cause an unhealthy condition of the

body, and thus cast a dark shadow over the mind. Counsels on Health, p. 445.

The people need to see the bearing of health principles upon their well-being, both

for this life and for the life to come. . . . A Call to Medical Evangelism and Health

Education, pg. 32

Those to whom the care of the little child is committed are too often ignorant of its

physical needs; they know little of the laws of health or the principles of

development. Child Guidance, pg. 63

Begin Health Education Early. Child Guidance, pg. 103

Recklessness in regard to bodily health tends to recklessness in moral character.

Child Guidance, pg. 104

Bathing helps the bowels, the stomach, and the liver, giving health and energy to

each, and it promotes digestion. Child Guidance, pg. 108

If the youth would form habits of regularity and order, they would improve in health,

in spirits, in memory, and in disposition. Child Guidance, pg. 112

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