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					                                                                        Fitness for Life

                                                                      Potential Plan #1

P – Position – I am to lazy.

O – Observe God’s laws – Not to be lazy.

T – Teamwork – Erin Doe

E – Environment – Less watching movies, and playing on comp., and more activity

N – Number your days – do activity for 40 min. every other day, and 40 min. of
productivity 40 min. every day.

T – Travail, Trouble, Trials – Don’t let myself on the comp. for more than 40 min. a
day unless being productive.

i – you…get involved – Help out with active things around school

A – Action, Accountability – I will set 40 min. everyother day to do gymnastics, or
run, and another 40min. a day to do class work and more things that need done.

L- Love & Acceptance – Treating others with the respect that they deserve, and
myself with rewards of doing the “A” action.

Specific: Stop being lazy, and start doing more class work and spending time in

Measurable: 40 min a everyother day in activity, 40 min. everyday being
productive, which means Mon:80min.Tues:40min, Wed.:80 min.,Thurs.40min.,
Fri. 80 min.
Acceptable: My goal is to stop being lazy and be more productive.

Realistic: Bicycle myself home, 650mi. ride, and with in a week period, B and
higher in every class.

Time-Specific: June 21. 2009, take off 6 am.

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