The Fall by mrsmirf


									                                                                             Christian Beliefs
                                                               Doctrine of Humanity- The Fall

The Nature of Sin- What is sin? –
         Traditional answer: “transgression of the law”
         Gen. 3:1-6: Eve takes the fruit
*reasoning? Doubt? Curious?
“in the day you eat of it”
“not surely die”*
         -unbelief: state of mind that declines to be open to God. Doubt and distrust of
God instead of faith in God.
         -In Christian theology this is the basic sin, the condition that lies at the root of all
         -Condemnation of unbelief- Jn. 3:18; 20:27-29
         -Pride: The other side of unbelief. Distrust of God breeds trust in oneself instead
of God.
         “If there were Gods who could endure not to be one.”
         “Sin is a foundational relationship – it is not wrongdoing but wrong-being; It is
deliberate and determined independence from God.”
         -Disobedience: The act of rebellion that follows unbelief and pride.
         Q: What was unique about the forbidden tree command?
         A: It was arbitrary: Based on random selection or personal choice rather than
on reason.
          The forbidden tree was not dangerous or harmful. There was no reason in nature
or rationality that it should have been forbidden. What made it forbidden was the
unexplained command of God.
         Because of its nature the arbitrary command serves as a pure test of relationship;
It‟s the command that rests solely on the servant‟s faith in his master.
         The Nature of Sin

        “The nature of sin is not immorality and wrongdoing, but the nature of self-
realization which leads us to say, „I am my on god.‟
        This nature may exhibit itself in proper morality or in improper immorality,
but is always has a common basis-my claim to my right to myself.
        *Pharisees –moral 612 commandments
        -expression of faith in complaining to God. God values in us authenticity.*

       Results of the Fall
       Gen. 3:8
       1. Broken relationships
                a. Humanity-to-God
       Fleeing and hiding from God reveal a rupture of relationship, a barrier between
God and Man.(We do not hide from a friend)
       -It is our nature as fallen creatures to conceal based on guilt and fear. We all wear
masks that we cannot lay aside.
                b. God-to-humanity
        -Divine immutability demands that God cannot be related to us as sinners in the
same way He was before sin.
        -Gen 3:1,16b
                c. Humanity-to-humanity
        -The penchant for blaming others demonstrates the fracture of human
relationships. Pride, trying to appear better than we are; Competition, trying to outdo
others; and, Predudice, pre-judging others based on stereotypes or appearances, are just 3
of the ways in which our brokenness toward our neighbors reveals itself.

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