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A_P Circulatory System Song


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									A&P Circulatory System Song

Now to make the thump thump pump
the silly heart chooses the part
Take blood up take it down
superior arteries whip with sound

Internal carotid and external show
left common carotid from the aortic arch
the brachiocephalic branches to know
the great subclavian and axillary march
from the single line of brachial time
to the ulnar and radial american chime

the heart to body above and below
Is Gods vassal ciculatory art
its a rythm a beat for the flow
from heart to toe starting at the aorta
You got the thoracic aorta to the celiac trunk
split along the splenic to the blood harvesting monk
Pumped to the renal and superior mesenteric
into the abdominal aorta to the inferior mesenteric

Now we have the 1 "L" common iliac
Next up the iliacs of the internal external plane
Then the femoral and deep femoral towards the back
to the popliteal if thats how you say the name
Now the anterior tibial at the front
and the posterior tibial set back like a runt
then on the side the fibular petite like a miss
And final of the arteries Dorsalis pedis

Now to make the thump thump pump
The silly heart chooses the part
Take blood up takes it down
as Veins bring it back around

First theres the internal and external jugular
from the brachiocephalic out from the trunk
to the cubclavian near the shoulder
to the random cephalic and axillary spunk
And thats in the arm where veins to stay
Thats the blue lines traced back to bay

Now to make the thump thump pump
The silly heart chooses the part
Take blood up takes it down
as veins ripple its muscular sound

Oh theres a couple veins i forgot
the superior vena cava and pulmonarys
these are up above the heart
set inferiors now is vena vava..arys
through the hepatic and splenic vien
oh, also the awesome hepatic portal vein
We get the superior and inferior mesenteric
to the common, internal, and external iliac

Finally to the great saphenous and femoral of the leg
to the popliteal of the knee
seeing the posterior and interior tibials lay
as the final fibular jumps with glee
This is what Gods system does for us
so great beyond any evolutionary fuss

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