Design of CMOS Bandpass Filter using Transconductance Circuit by pptfiles


									  Design of CMOS Bandpass Filter using Transconductance Circuit
Team Members: Areej Hatim, Hana Saleh, Nawal Ali, and Sabaa Saad.
Team Advisor: Dr. Adnan Harb.

Executive Summary:

         The aim of this research project is to Design a CMOS band pass filter. The
filter in this research project was designed to be used in the Gigabit Ethernet (for
wireline system) which has a frequency bandwidth of 10MHz – 80MHz, with the mid
band frequency equal to 45MHz with ± 10% (40.5MHz to 49.5MHz) accuracy. The
linearity must be better than 41 dB. Higher is the linearity, lower is the performance
of the Analog-to-Digital Converter that will follow the filter.

The biquad band pass filter was built by using four Gm (Transconductance) circuits.
Then the value of capacitor was tuned to reach the mid band frequency. The the
biquad filter was fully characterized: the linearity vs. frequency, temperature and
output voltage swing, and the power consumption (which is equal 15.2mWatt).
Finally the layout of the biquad band pass filter was done with zero error in DRC and
the LVS was done visually.

This graduation project will prepare students to the environment of the semiconductor
and the microelectronics. UAE does not have today a semiconductor industry but
soon it will have in Dubai "DUBAI SILICON OASIS" which will be serving the
microelectronics community worldwide.
Finally, we note that this project will be a part of a conference paper.

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