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A leading one stop solution provider for property issues


									A leading one stop solution provider for
   property portfolio investment and

                An Introduction
                    to DP3

                              Think of us as the
                    ‘first emergency service for property’
                                   in the UK

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   Quote from DP3 consultant on an unencumbered

          ‚In a depression cash is king‛

Quote from DP3 business consultant on a 50% Loan to
      Value (LTV) and high yielding portfolio:

‚Property is business and like all good businesses
            your profit is on purchase‛

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Quote from DP3 property consolidation consultant on
    the challenges faced in the property market:

   ‚The ultimate challenge for a consultant is to
  assist their clients in coming to terms with the
 illusion of the value of property, when in essence
     these properties are burdened with debt and
‚...It is a tremendous process for my clients to go
   through when they release themselves from their
  property burdens.....hence once a person becomes
  free from these constraints they start to see the
   true benefits of moving on to the next stage of
                     their lives.‛

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    An analogy of the present day property
You have been sold a car from a bona fide car dealer that
was seen to be in reasonable condition.   After driving it
away your exhaust falls off, then the electrics fail and
the engine seizes up.

To compound the problem the car market has crashed,
therefore each day the value of this car is falling and
you are perpetually paying for the problem that this car
has given you.

The dealer then refuses to accept liability and you are
lumbered with the financial responsibility of trying to
keep this car on the road (because that’s the way the
contracts are designed).

UNB effectively becomes your road side assistance in
helping you to remove the vehicle from the road, reducing
all your liabilities of tax, insurance and MOT.

The obvious result being that the car is seen for what it
really is ‘a pile of scrap’ and UNB help you to
potentially convert it into cash.

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Welcome to DP3                        Page 6

- Introduction                        Page 6

- DP3 clients                         Page 7

- DP3 Programme customer experience   Page 8

UNB Sales process for investors &     Page 10
property funds

Overview of DP3 Programme             Page 11

UNB Consultants solution offerings    Page 12

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                       Welcome to DP3


DP3 is the Detox Property Portfolio Program. It is a culmination of
the business consultancy team at UNB having worked closely with a
group of experts with the depth and breadth of knowledge in all
property related matters.

The panel of experts include: Harley Street practitioners, financial
accountants, property specialists, insolvency practitioners, debt
collection specialists, barristers, legal experts and mortgage
brokers. DP3 is a turnkey solution with seamless phases that covers:

          assessment of their personal, business and property
          providing emotional support to clients
          auditing of their present position with regard to their
          tailored business strategy, planning and implementation
          access to property funds and property acquisitions for
          the transference of their property problems to the UNB
            back office team
          the negotiating of the removal of all their debt related
            problems (ranging from credit cards and loans,overdrafts
            to mortgage debt)
          the disposal of an individual’s stock, whether it be one
            property or a portfolio of properties.

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DP3 clients

Like any comprehensive market product the DP3 program has a buyer
and a seller.

The Seller

The distressed properties we acquire by way of ‘Power of Attorney’
from our clients are directly provided to cash rich property funds,
investors and cash rich buyers.


In the present market circumstances where cash is king, we have
access to property investors, funds and individuals who wish to take
advantage of the opportunity by solving our client’s problems.

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DP3 Programme customer experience

Free consultation meeting:

On meeting   a new client we go through a basic fact find to establish
where they   are and if they need our help. An important part of this
process is   for clients to achieve a sense of clarity about
themselves   and their property issues.

Phase 1: is the Well Being Program which is concerned with stress
relief related to the clients’ current predicament. We approach
this with empathy and reassure the client that there are many other
people who share similar situations, and that their problems are not
insurmountable nor are they alone in having to deal with them.

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Phase 2 – once the client confirms they wish to materialise their
property debts, UNB will provide support and assistance for the
client. This involves removing the day to day stresses from them
and assisting them to begin redirecting all their property related
affairs to a back office team. All conversations are confidential by
way of a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ allowing the client to provide
all their personal, property and business information in confidence.

Phase 3 – is where the client formalises the relationship with us.
The clients wishing to acquire more properties or consolidate their
existing portfolio will sign an appropriate contract. Those clients
wishing to dispose of their assets will sign a standard DP3

On signing of the DP3 program all control is swiftly handed over to
UNB under a Letter of Authority and a Power of Attorney. From this
point onwards all correspondence and day to day running of the
properties and communication with mortgage companies is managed by
UNB. For example: redirecting the clients mail from debt
collectors, mortgage lenders and credit card companies to a back-
office location that will pick up all the clients correspondence and
deal with each party.

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                        UNB Consultants solutions

UNB provide asset consultancy
   to start-ups going up to
  conglomerates and work
   in all sectors related to

Helps distressed landlords to
      deal with all their
       property issues

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  Supports individuals and
  Businesses to raise upto
       120% finance

     The UNB WellBeing
      Programme helps
       Individuals and
     business executives
      Seek clarity over
Personal and business matters

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