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                      Constitutional Scavenger Hunt
Using your version of the Constitution, answer the following questions:

1. What are the six reasons the framers gave for wanting to write a new Constitution?

2. How many Articles are there to the Constitution?

3. How many amendments are there?

                                              Article I
4. How often are Representatives to be elected?

5. How old must a Representative be to be elected?

6. How long is the term for a senator?

7. How many Senators (in today‟s Senate) are reelected each election?

8. How old does someone have to be to be a Senator?

9. Who acts as the president of the Senate?

10. When may the President of the Senate vote?

11. Who sits as President of the Senate when the President is unavailable?

12. Who is the leader of the House of Representatives?

13. In what Congressional chamber do all bills concerning taxes originate?

14. The Constitution lists or enumerates the powers of Congress. List six of them:

15. When may the writ of habeas corpus be suspended?

16. Is Congress allowed to pass ex post facto laws?

17. How often is the number of congressional districts per state determined?

       a. How many did Georgia originally get?

18. According to Article I, Section 2, of the Constitution, how were slaves to be counted when
    determining the number of congressional districts per state?

19. Who has the sole power of impeachment?
20. When the president of the U.S. is tried for impeachment, who presides at the trial?

       a. Who sits as the jury?

       b. How many is needed for a conviction of impeachment?

21. The first article of the Constitution places limits on the states. Name one:

                                              Article II
22. How old does someone have to be to be elected president?

23. Name three powers of the President:

24. Which body of Congress must approve the President‟s appointments and treaties?

       a. What fraction must approve appointments?

       b. What fraction must approve treaties?

                                              Article III
25. What is the term of office for Supreme Court justices?

26. What must be necessary to convict someone of treason?

27. Which branch(es) of the federal government is responsible for establishing lower federal courts?

                                              Article IV
28. What is the only condition specified by the Constitution concerning the nature of state

                                               Article V
29. What fraction of Congress is necessary to propose an amendment?

30. What fraction of the states must approve a proposed amendment for it to be ratified?

31. When is it possible for a constitutional convention to occur?

32. Can the president introduce, ratify, or veto a constitutional amendment?
                                               Article VI
33. How does Article VI of the Constitution resolve possible conflicts between state laws and federal

34. What does Article VI say about administering religious tests to candidates for public office?

                                               Article VII
35. How many states were required to ratify the Constitution before it could go into effect?

36. When was the most recent Amendment ratified?

37. Name five of the general rights guaranteed to all citizens in the Bill of Rights. (don‟t use the 1st

38. What does the Tenth Amendment say about the delegation of powers to the states?

39. May the President and Vice President be residents of the same state at the time of their election?

40. Which amendment established the federal income tax?

41. The Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, passed in what year?

42. According to the Twentieth Amendment, if the President-elect dies before the beginning of his/her
    term, who becomes President?

43. Name the only amendment that specifically repeals another amendment.

44. What was the purpose of the most recent amendment to the Constitution?

45. The argument that "anyone old enough to fight for his country, is old enough to vote" secured
    passage of what amendment?

46. Which amendment outlaws “cruel and unusual punishments?”

       a. What else is prohibited there?

47. Which amendment ended slavery?

48. Which amendment said that states couldn‟t prevent people from voting based on their race?

49. Name the five basic civil liberties guaranteed in the First Amendment.
50. Which amendment said the states could not deny a person equal protection of the laws?

51. Which amendment gave women the right to vote?

52. Which amendment requires a warrant to search someone's property?

53. Which two amendments guarantee people due process of law?

       a. Which one applies the due process to the states?

54. The Twenty-fifth Amendment says a president unable to discharge the powers of his/her office
    must declare this in writing to two people. Who are they?

55. According to the Twelfth Amendment, on what date did the President‟s term begin?

       a. Which Amendment changed that date?

       b. What is the new date?

56. What is the exception to the Thirteenth Amendment's abolition of involuntary servitude?

57. Which amendment outlines the procedures to be taken if the President is going to be
    incapacitated and cannot fulfill his duties?

58. Which amendment gave the District of Columbia the right to vote in presidential elections?

59. Which amendment gives a defendant the right to confront witnesses against him?

60. Which amendment argues that the right to own a gun should be limited to those in the military?

61. What are the two religious provisions of the 1st Amendment?

62. Which group of people can „deem‟ the President incapable of performing his duties?

63. What does the 1st Amendment say qualifies as „speech‟?

64. Which Amendment protects a citizen from double jeopardy?

65. Which Amendment had the most time between proposal and ratification?

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