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With a partner, find the following information in
the Constitution. In writing your answer be sure
to include the Article number, Section number,
Clause number, or Amendment number. Please
refer to number one to see the correct format.
Page 149
1. A representative must be a citizen for seven
years, twenty-five years old, and live in the state.
Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2
2. The Speaker of the House shall be chosen by the
House of Representatives.
3. A term in the Senate is six years for each
4. The Vice President is the president of the
5. Congressmen are paid a salary out of the
Treasury of the United States.
6. All revenue bills must originate in the House of
7. All bills must be passed by the House and the
Senate, and presented to the President.
8. Congress has the power to establish post offices.
9. Congress has the power to declare war.
10. Congress has the power to make all laws which
are necessary and proper to execute all other
powers. (Elastic Clause)
11. Congress cannot grant titles of nobility.
12. No state can make a treaty with a foreign
13. The President and Vice President are elected
to a four-year term.
14. The President must be thirty-five years old to
meet eligibility requirements.
15. The salary of the President cannot be changed
during his period in office.
16. The President promises to preserve, protect,
and defend the Constitution.
17. The President shall be Commander in Chief of
our armed forces.
18. The President may pardon people of offenses
committed against the United States.
19. The President has the power to make treaties
with approval from the Senate.
20. The President has the power to appoint
members of the Supreme Court with Senate
21. The President can convene special sessions of
22. The President and the Vice President are
subject to removal from office by the
process if convicted of treason, bribery, or other
crimes and misdemeanors.
23. The Constitution created one Supreme Court
and gave Congress the right to establish inferior
24. Treason is levying war against the United
States, adhering to our enemies, or giving them
and comfort.
25. Congress has complete control over the
26. Amendments may be ratified by three-fourths
of the legislatures of the states.
27. The Constitution is the highest or supreme law
in the United States.
28. All state and federal officials are under oath to
support the Constitution.
29. American citizens have freedom of religion,
speech, press, assembly, and petition.
30. Unreasonable search and seizures are
31. A person cannot be tried twice for the same
crime and does not have to testify against himself.
32. A person has a right to a speedy and public
trial by an impartial jury of the state.
33. Powers that are not granted to the national
government are reserved to the states or the
34. The practice of slavery can never be legal in
the United States.
35. Race, color, or previous servitude cannot be
used to deny someone the right to vote.
36. The right to vote cannot be denied because of
37. The President is limited to two terms in office.

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