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Natural Cures for Piles Can Work for You


Herbal medicines have always been used for treatment of hemorrhoids. Today there are many natural cures for piles that are available for your picking.

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									Natural Cures for Piles Can Work for You

Herbal medicines have always been used for treatment of hemorrhoids. Today
there are many natural cures for piles that are available for your picking.

The “all-natural” craze is on! And it has found its way into use as cures for piles.

Herbal medicines have long been used by people, mostly in the rural areas, as
treatment to very wide range of diseases. They just recently gained popularity
and acceptance in the mainstream. But the fact that they have been used by
those people for so many centuries somehow proves that they do work.

Hemorrhoids have always been around too. It is even reasonable to say that is
part of human history. If we put these two “historical” things together, we find
promising possibilities.

The use of herbal medicines usually involves preparing extracts and juices from
plant parts such as leaves, roots, fruits, seeds or barks. This is done to isolate the
active ingredients which are actually the ones that work for a particular ailment.
This can either be as simple as squeezing out the juices or boiling or as tedious as
needing other more sophisticated instruments.

For herbal medicines that are easy to prepare, you can do prepare it at home.
Aloe vera is one example.

You can cut open the aloe vera leaves and separate the gel that comes out of it.
Cut the gel into thin strips and put them all up together to freeze overnight. The
frozen gel can be used as a suppository.

Other anti-hemorrhoidal natural cures are not as easy to prepare but
preparations are thankfully commercially available in the supermarket and other
specialty stores. Some of them are even made into suppositories, creams and
ointments for the consumers’ convenience.
Witch hazel, horse chestnut, bioflavonoids and butcher’s broom and even aloe
vera are all natural remedies for piles. They are now available as creams and
ointments or suppositories or at least as ingredients in these medications.

Natural cures for piles have been proven to effective for lessening or even
stopping the annoying symptoms of pain and itching. They can also address the
inflammation by lessening the swelling. Some of them, witch hazel and aloe vera
in particular, also stop the bleeding by acting as astringents.

Better yet, a number of them even go beyond the symptoms and address main
problems in the development and progression of hemorrhoids.

Bioflavonoids are said to work in stabilizing and strengthening the blood vessel
walls. Horse chestnut basically does the same thing. Butcher’s broom, also known
as box holly, seems to contain a component, called ruscogen, that constricts veins
and this may be able to improve the tone and integrity of the venous
hemorrhoids and decrease the swelling.

In doing so, these natural products may be able to prevent the occurrence of piles
in predisposed persons, cure the existing hemorrhoids especially if in early stages
and avoid the progression of the piles into more severe forms.

Take note though that these natural cures for piles are still under intensive
studies. However, since they are natural, they pose lesser side effects. Better still,
talk to your doctor for the appropriate remedy.

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