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Fashion One is a cutting-edge, global television network, which focuses on the synergy
between film, fashion, music, lifestyle and entertainment.

Fashion One is the only fashion channel currently producing programs in 3D and crystal
clear High Definition.

Fashion One broadcasts 24/7 internationally across multiple platforms, including direct-to-
home satellite television, cable television and new media such as IPTV and the web.

Fashion One features a unique selection of programming based on the themes of beauty,
glamour, style and luxury.

Fashion One has an EPG that boasts over 20 program segments covering all aspects of
lifestyle, entertainment, travel, film and fashion.

Fashion One presents the most glamorous Hollywood stars, the hottest celebrities and
models, and all of the international fashion weeks direct from the fashion capitals of the

Fashion One showcases the most luxurious and exotic travel destinations.

Fashion One has wide-range of lifestyle and reality programming, covering fitness, nutrition
and general well being.

Fashion One. One channel. A whole new world of entertainment and fashion.
Backstage - Have a sneak peek behind the scenes at all of the excitement and
drama backstage as models, designers, and hair and makeup artists prepare for the

Celebs On File - Roll down the red carpet with Fashion One and get the latest
scoop from fashion royalty and Hollywood’s elite.

Designers - Go beneath the seams with Fashion One. See the cutting-edge cre-
ations and hear the stories behind them, with in-depth interviews of fashion’s most
wanted designers.

Destination - Travel with us in style to the world’s most exotic and fashionable
destinations. We’ll give you access to some of the hottest events, beautiful models,
tropical islands, and much more...

Events - Fashion One gives you a VIP pass to the most exclusive social events and
gatherings on the fashion calendar.

Fashion & Film - Fashion at 24 frames a second! Go behind-the-scenes of movie
productions and catch exclusive interviews with the stars.

Fashion Week - Get your style guide out and take note! Every week, Fashion One
presents the most cutting-edge collections from the hottest runway shows around
the world.

FFM - A daily round up of the hottest Hollywood news and gossip, the latest mov-
ies and music releases, and what’s creating a stir on the catwalks. A new two hour
entertainment block to keep you up to date with the latest Film, Fashion and Music
from across the globe.
Full Show - Front-row access to the latest collections from the hottest designers
around the globe.

Hair & Make-up - See the world’s most sought-after hair and makeup artists at
work. Find out all about the latest trends, discover the beauty secrets of models,
learn the tricks of the trade and the hottest beauty tips.

Hollywood Buzz - Your weekly dose of Hollywood happenings wrapped up in 30

Lingerie - Satin and silk. Leather and lace. Catch the sexiest lingerie on the catwalk
from Milan to New York to Brazil.

Men - See the top designers in men’s fashion and the most suave and stylish men in
the modeling industry. Fashion One brings to the screen the exciting world of men’s

Models - Get up close and personal with the world’s most beautiful fashion models.
Hear what they have to say about the world of fashion, modeling, and what it’s like to
be in the spotlight.

New Generation - See today’s up-and-coming designers and get a glimpse of to-
morrow’s hottest fashion.

Parties - Experience the excitement and glamour of some of the world’s most fash-
ionable parties thanks to Fashion One.
Photographers - Go behind the lens and get an up-close and personal look at the
most talented photographers in the industry. Find out what’s involved in a fashion
shoot and see ad campaigns and editorials in the making.

Reel World - Go from the runway to the silverscreen with the latest fashion and
film-based reality shows from Bigfoot Entertainment and other innovative television
production studios.

Swimwear - Beautiful models, tropical beaches and stylish summer fashion. We
bring you the hottest swimwear collections of the season.

Tendencies - Be the leader of the fashion pack as we bring you the latest in this
season’s hottest fashion trends.

Voyeur Couture - We steam up the screen with the sexiest photo shoots and run-
way shows from around the world. Tune in and go beneath the fashion!

Featured Programs
Fashion One has several exciting new reality programs in production, including
Screen Test, Blue Lagoon, Underwater Fashion Photography with Mick Gleissner
and Model Workout.

Screen Test - 14 models from 14 different countries compete for a once in a life-
time opportunity to land a leading role in a Hollywood movie. Contestants undergo
intense acting workshops and on-camera stunt training, all on location in a tropical
paradise! The model who survives the final director’s cut gets to go from the runway
to the silverscreen.
Blue Lagoon - A single man. Five gorgeous models. A deserted island. Watch the
claws come out as the ladies compete to spend a week in tropical paradise with our
lucky bachelor. Who will he choose? How far will the models go to be selected? Find
out on Blue Lagoon. Then watch to see if the relationship between him and his cho-
sen beauty can withstand a week away from civilization with only the islands natural
gifts to sustain them.

Underwater Fashion Photography with Mick Gleissner - Go behind the scenes
to the ocean’s depths and experience all of the excitement, drama & danger of re-
nowned underwater photographer Mick Gleissner’s daring fashion shoots. Tensions
run rampant in an environment where mistakes can cost lives. The stakes are high,
but the results are stunning. Underwater Fashion Photography with Mick Gleissner
will leave you breathless!

Model Workout - We’re flying in world-class aerobics and yoga instructors to reveal
their workout secrets and gorgeous models to demonstrate the best ways to get a
beautiful models body. On top of this we have Fashion One Tutorials, including
nutrition, styling, catwalk and hair & makeup, to get you looking and feeling as glam-
orous and beautiful as you can be.

Model Workout - We’re flying in world-class aerobics instructors to reveal their
workout secrets and gorgeous models to demonstrate the best way of getting a
beautiful models body.

Model Yoga - Start and finish your day by working out with the hottest and fittest
yoga trainers from L.A. Follow this regime and get the body you have only ever
imagined from your own home.

The Mentalist - Following the success of Breaking The Magicians Code, we present
a whole new world of magic and illusions. A Mentalist reveals the secrets behind the
tricks which have confounded and surprised audiences for years. Our master men-
talist can bend spoons, levitate tables and even shoot a bullet at someone without
harm. You will not believe your eyes!
Luxury Locations - The world is getting smaller and smaller and the urge to travel
has never been greater. Luxury Locations gives the viewer a bite-sized taste of
Europe’s most impressive and most beautiful cities. See the sights and hear the
sounds of Europe’s most luxurious locations.

In the spotlight - A window into the lives of movie stars and film directors through
exclusive interviews and unseen footage. We take a look at the ups and downs of
some of the biggest names of the entertainment world and answer the questions
that you want to know. How did they get where they are today? Who influenced
them and carried them through? All we be revealed as we put the Hollywood stars in
the spotlight.

Behind the Stars - We take you behind-the-scenes to meet the people who work
for the stars! They are responsible for the successes and disasters on the red carpet
and can make or break our favorite celebrities. We get exclusive access to the Styl-
ists, Casting Agents, Shoemakers, Dressmakers, Jewellers, Real Estate Agents of
the stars and provide you with a glimpse of the real Hollywood.

Life in the Lens - A look at the World of the Stars and Celebrities from a different
angle, from that of the Paparazzi. We follow the photographers on their pursuit of the
most wanted picture of the moment. They attempt to snap lucrative unstaged photo-
graphs of celebrities. But the celebrities are not also willing participants.

Tutorials - Discover the beauty secrets of models and learn the tricks of the trade
and the hottest beauty tips. We take you on a journey with some of the worlds best
stylists and hair & make-up artists. Learn how to make the most of what you’ve got,
and wow them all on that special night out, or simply share your newfound knowl-
edge with your closest friends.

Equipment and Facilities
Fashion One produces its own innovative reality TV shows at the state-of-the-art
Bigfoot Studios, a fully owned subsidiary of our sister company Bigfoot Entertain-
ment. The facilities and equipment at Bigfoot Studios include:
     •   6 sound stages and an underwater shooting tank
     •   The latest high end 3D and HD video production equipment
     •   14 fully equipped editing suites
     •   Color correction and sound editing suites
     •   Foley and ADR stages
     •   And a Dolby mix theatre

Fashion One is also affiliated with Carmike cinemas, the largest independent Cin-
ema chain in the US with over 2800 screens.

Coverage / Reach
Fashion One’s reach is worldwide via a number of satellites and distribution plat-
forms including:

 Satellite Feed   Downlink      Symbol      FEC   Service   Geographical Regions
                  Frequency     Rate              ID
 Hotbird-6 at     11585MHz,     27.50MS/s   3/4   13502     Middle East, Europe
 13ºE             V-pol
 Eurobird-9A at   11938MHz,     27.50MS/s   3/4   923       Europe
 9ºE              H-pol
 MEASAT-3 at      3920MHz, V-   28.00MS/s   7/8   101       Asia, Australia, Middle East,
 91.5ºE           pol                                       Eastern Europe & Eastern

In addition to the satellite feed, viewers can go to to watch any
of the latest clips from the channel and share online.

The key demographics of Fashion One’s audience are:

    • Unique, active, intelligent, image conscious and stylish.

    • Early adapters of trends with an individual approach, always researching for
      the latest developments in fashion and related industries.

    • Well educated and interested in leisure, travel, art, film and photography.

    • Actively social, frequenting the trendiest bars, nightclubs and restaurants, as
      well as live performances.

    • Intensive consumers who value quality and take pleasure in disposing of
      their income on luxury goods, high street fashion, beauty products and


Fashion One is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bigfoot Entertainment, a fully inte-
grated entertainment and production company specializing in feature film and HD
television production, post-production services, and film maker training. Bigfoot
Entertainment has offices and production facilities in Europe, Asia and the US.
Recognized as a globally competitive organization, Bigfoot Entertainment is leav-
ing lasting footprints in the world of entertainment.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2010, Fashion One is the brainchild of Michael “Mick”
Gleissner and Eric Klein. It is the only international channel that broadcasts a unique
combination of Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment content from around the globe.
It has a presence in Paris, Milan, Miami and Hong Kong.

Michael “Mick” Gleissner - Chairman

Asia-based media and business entrepreneur Mick Gleissner started his profession-
al career in the telecommunications technology industry in Germany. He pioneered
e-commerce with Europe’s first online bookstore “telebook”, developed web hosting
(with one of Germany’s leading web hosting service), as well as business process
outsourcing with a contact center in Namibia, Africa, which served as the German-
language customer service operation for his companies.

He relocated to the US in 1996 where he focused on international liaising in his busi-
nesses. After serving in several high profile positions as senior executives in technol-
ogy companies, including vice-president at (which acquired one of his
companies in 1998), he retired from active operational duties and has been focused
on managing his investments through a New York-based investment operations.

He acquired Bigfoot in 2000 which now serves as the binding entity for various in-
vestments and operational activities.

Currently based out of Hong Kong and Singapore, he recently focused on entertain-
ment ventures with the launch of Hong Kong-based, Bigfoot Entertainment, and the
large production facility and film school in Cebu, Philippines.
Eric Klein - CEO

Eric Klein is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Fashion One, and oversees
the overall operations and business development of the unique entertainment and
fashion channel.

In 2006, Klein first began his career in the media industry as Director of Marketing
and Events for an International TV channel, where he progressed to become Vice
President of the same. During that time, Eric was responsible for the business de-
velopment of the network, licensing, market penetration, and events in numerous
countries around the world. He also established beauty pageant events.

Subsequent to his stint in international media, Klein leveraged on the expertise and
network gained in the corporate and fashion industries to spearhead other busi-
nesses that include several modeling agencies such as Touch Model Management
International, Women -Asia and IZ Representation, a production house and media
representation agency Siberia International Productions, and one of the largest
clubs in Asia.

Having established these businesses to be industry-leaders in their own right, Klein
then teamed up with renowned businessman, photographer and filmmaker Michael
Gleissner that saw the birth of a 24/7, thematic, direct-to-home and free-to-air fash-
ion, entertainment and lifestyle channel that is Fashion One in April 2010.

Raised and educated in Israel and Belgium, the Russian-native was already actively
involved with various business ventures in the entertainment and events scene
whilst in High School. He was also supervising below-the-line activities of Phillip
Morris in the Middle East while he was still in Law school, and was also involved
with some of the largest sports events in the world such as the First Channel Cup as
an organizer.
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