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Ticket ppt Slide

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									    ICT and the FIFA World Cup
        Task One: Ticket Design

You have been asked to use Desktop Publishing
software to design the tickets that will be used at the
FIFA World Cup.
Before you begin, in pairs you need to discuss the

     • Orientation – will the tickets be landscape or portrait (and why?)
     • Information – what information will the ticket need to provide?
     • Dimensions – how big should the tickets be?
     • Appearance – what things should be added to make it attractive?
    ICT and the FIFA World Cup
       Task One: Ticket Design
The actual things the ticket needs are about to be
shown below. How many did you get?

• Venue
• Match Number
• Match date
• Seat category (a number)
• Kick off time
• Price                                              Now open your DTP software
• Match fixture (the teams playing)                  and change the page layout
• Name of ticket owner                               and dimensions to what you
• Section of stadium seat is in                      need. Then make ticket
• Seat location (turnstile, block, row and           making sure you have
number)                                              included all of the things listed
• World cup 2010 logo.                               to the left.

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