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					   The Monster Cash Crash Course
20 Pages of straightforward, money- making shortcuts!
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction
 A) Basics & Planning
 B) Getting Started

Chapter 2 – Affiliate Marketing
 A) What is Affiliate Marketing?
 B) Clickbank
 C) Linkshare
 D) Adsense Revenue – Get Paid just for Clicks?!

Chapter 3 – Search Engine Marketing
      A.About PPC Advertising
      A.Google Adwords & Adsense
      A.Yahoo, Google, etc.

Chapter 4 – Re-Sell Rights
      A.How it works
      A.Where to get Re-Sell Rights

Chapter 5 – Free Advertising

Chapter 6 – E-mail Marketing

Chapter 1 – Introduction

   Basics & Planning

    This Guide is designed to show you how to start generating income online almost
immediately with no technical skills needed except for basic internet competence such
as: browsing, typing, copying and pasting…the basics. It is essentially designed for the
‘Newbie’ or those who are NOT necessarily ‘tech savvy’. You DO NOT have to know
how to build a website or how to program in any computer language (such as HTML,
PHP, etc.) to make money with this system.
The strategy we use and discuss in this E-Book is mainly “affiliate marketing.”

The Next Chapter explains this money-making phenomenon more in depth.

  B) Getting Started
What you will need to get started making money:

   1. A working computer with internet access

   2. The ability to browse web pages, type, etc.

   3. A Credit Card (You will need this to set up an advertising account with Google or
      Yahoo or Both)

    *It is FREE to open these advertising accounts and you will pay only pennies ‘per-
click’ to drive people to your affiliate product(s).

4. A Clickbank affiliate account (100% FREE and we show you how to get one later).
This will be your #1 money-maker.

5. A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising account with Google or Yahoo as mentioned
above. (We will show you how to get one don‟t worry!)

Are you ready to start making money yet?

Chapter 2 – Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

   Affiliate Marketing on the Internet works like this:

You advertise for a company or individual product(s) by means of text links, banner ads,
classified ad postings, email marketing, etc. and you make a percentage of any sales
resulting from somebody who got there through your link. There is a tracking code in the
link that has your specific affiliate code in it and automatically you are credited for that
sale just based on the URL that the person clicks on. Therefore, you will always get
credit for the sale.

For example:
You post an ad with Google that says “Learn how to train your dog the right way!” and
in the ad you include a hyperlink to your product which could look like this:

   If (and when) you are signed up with Clickbank, the internets’ biggest affiliate
marketplace for digital products (E-books and software) your tracking link for one of
their dog training programs would look like the one above only YourAffiliateID would be
replaced with your actual affiliate ID name that you choose when you sign up.

Any sale resulting is someone visiting that link with your ID in it, would net you $24.85.
A Whopping 75% commission! The E-Book is $33 total and you receive $24.85 from
each sale. The potential here is almost unbelievable.

Chapter 2 - B) sells digital products. As I mentioned these include E-Books on every
subject, Software and membership sites. Since they are Digital products, there is no
need to ever ship the product and there is NO LIMIT on how many you can sell. Since
everyone who purchases one automatically receives a copy via email after purchase,
just like you did when you bought this E-Book, you can sell one product ten million
times! Without ever needing to invest money in the product first or order more to
restock, etc.

All you have to do is advertise, drive people to the product page (with your affiliate ID in
the link) and watch the money start to accumulate. You don‟t even need a website,
each product already has it‟s own page with a sales pitch and a credit card payment
system! Each sale will be credited to you and you can view your sales and clicks live by
logging in to your Clickbank account. Clickbank sends out a check to it‟s affiliates the
1st and 16th of every month, and they have never been late on a payment since they
opened in 1998.

Many BIG name companies have affiliate programs as well. Ebay, Amazon, Tiger
Direct, Macys, Delta, just to name a few! Same concept here, you sign up as an affiliate
with them for free, usually through a link somewhere on the bottom of their main website
that says ' affiliates' or 'affiliate program.' You may have seen and/or wondered about
that before if you ever-encountered one of those links. Once you log in to your affiliate
account, you'll be able to copy and paste (or remember) your affiliate link. You then
advertise for that company or product and drive internet traffic to YOUR affiliate link.
Everyone ends up at the same site (Ebay, Amazon, etc) but hidden within the URL is
your affiliate code and anything they purchase, you make a commission.

The reason why I stress Clickbank as being the most important and profitable (in my
opinion) affiliate program is because 1) the commissions are the highest - average
commission is 75% and the average product is $50! So you are making $37.50 on
almost every sale! Sometimes more, there are $225 dollar products that NET YOU $112
each sale! Now remember, you don't have to talk to the customer, have a website,
deliver the product or anything! All you need to do is drive people to the website that
you are promoting, with your affiliate link.
When you are an affiliate of Ebay, Delta, Amazon, etc each has it's own commission
structure and programs. If you direct someone to a specific Ebay product, with your
affiliate code in the link, if someone purchases that product from your link, you make up
to 75% of the revenue that Ebay makes, NOT 75% of how much the product is. Ebay
makes a % of each sale that they charge the seller of the item. Ebay is willing to pay
you up to 75% of their commission if you drive the customer there. If you think about it
abstractly, that's almost as if you own Ebay, but you are charging 25% less than what
they charge (because of your 75% commission).

The potential to make serious money just promoting Ebay items is great, but I like to
stick to Digital Products. They are instantly downloadable and therefore you can sell
UNLIMITED amounts of them and the commisions are WAY higher.

Remember, Internet users are information junkies so E-Books and Information products
are in my opinion, the best products to sell.

        However, it is still my duty to guide you to ALL of the best affiliate programs out
there. I suggest visiting they are one of the top affiliate marketing
companies around. They allow you to choose merchants that you want to promote.
They deal with all of the big name companies such as Wal-Mart, Delta, Orbitz, Macys,
almost anyone you can think of.

Have you ever been to a website and seen a banner ad for a major company? I‟m sure
you have. You might have thought to yourself, wow, this website must be serious if they
have a deal with American Express, or Ford, etc.

Actually, they may very well be affiliates through or which is
another top affiliate site. You don’t have to contact them and try to negotiate a deal, it’s
all automatic nowadays and anybody can do it! You basically sign up (FREE) with
Linkshare or or both. You will sign up as an ‘Affiliate’ obviously, not as a

Once you have successfully created your affiliate account, you can scroll through
companies based on categories or „niches.‟ Under travel you would find Delta, Orbitz,
Hotwire,, etc.

You would then apply to be an affiliate to that company and you would get a response in
a few days whether or not you are accepted to promote that particular company.
Reasons for not being accepted would be if you had a site with racist, pornographic,
gambling or other inappropriate or illegal content. So, for linkshare you DO have to have
your own website, so you can promote the companies Banner or text link. Then your job
would be to drive people to your website and they would click on a banner or product
and if they purchase…… get paid!

They list their commission structures for each company on once you are
a member. Popular websites such as drive so many millions of people to
their site per day, and they make lots of money from having banners on their site for
various and sometimes random companies.

Chapter 2 – C) Adsense Revenue – Get Paid for Clicks?!

That’s right. If you have your own website, or blog (FREE from You
can get paid anytime someone clicks on a specific ad(s) you have on your site.

NO you don’t have to contact these companies and see if they are interested in posting
a text ad on your site in return for money-per-click. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others
have already done the work for you! You will need to sign up (another FREE account
that makes you money!) with Google Adsense at – Once you
have signed up for a free adsense account you can start making money by clicking on
adsense for content.

You will be asked to pick some keywords that might be relevant to your website. They
will give you the HTML code to simply ‘copy and paste’ into your website or blog! If you
don’t have a website, I suggest you start a blog at they will give you a
domain name of course ‘nameofyourblog’ will be
the name you decide. If you want to post adsense links for beauty products (popular
niche) you might make a blog called

Now there is more than one advantage to having a blog. As an affiliate it is actually a
very valuable asset. IS Google. If you have a Google mail account (Gmail)
you can log in to with the same address and password. If not, you can
create one for free.

Being that IS Google, just by having a blog you will get picked up by the
search engines automatically, which is FREE advertising! If someone searches for
beauty products, your blog may show up as one of the search results. If you post new
blogs to your page often, you may even get a TOP RANKING on a search engine. So
someone will click on your blog, read your review of the product, click on a link from
inside your blog and you can make a sale! You can also have Adsense ads in your blog,
and anytime someone clicks on the ad, you make money.

How Adsense Works

Google (as well as other PPC programs) charges merchants who advertise there
products Per-Click. When you search on Google for beauty products, there are a
number of results that show up. The Top few results that are highlighted are paid for or
„sponsored links.‟ These companies pay to be on top. Also, on the right side there are
more „sponsored links.‟ Those people are also paying Google „Per-Click‟ to have there
ad there based on specific keywords that people search.
They are bidding on their position as well. Merchants can choose a Maximum bid they
are willing to pay for one click (for each individual keyword!). If their maximum bid
outbids the next guy with the same keywords, they will show up above that person.
Some people pay up to $5.00 for one click! This is great advertising for the merchant
because they are targeting people who want exactly what they are selling. There ad will
only show up if someone types in „beauty secrets‟ or „beauty products‟ and so on. They
can choose hundreds of keywords for one ad campaign.

        Here‟s where YOU come in. Google also places these ads on other peoples‟
websites and blogs. Well, actually, the people who own the websites or blogs place
them there with Google Adsense, which is what you are going to do. You just copy and
paste the HTML code they give you onto your site or blog (they have tutorials to show
you how) and relevant ads will show up on your site where you tell it to. Anytime
someone clicks on an ad, Google gets paid and SO DO YOU! Without people like us
putting these ads on our relevant sites, Google wouldn‟t be able to charge so much per-
click to those merchants and it‟s a cycle that makes everyone a winner! Google makes
money, you make money, and the person who is paying for the clicks gets traffic to their
site and therefore, makes sales!

It varies how much you will earn per click. Sometimes you can make well over $2.00 for
ONE click. If you drive serious traffic to your website or blog, you can make thousands
or even millions of dollars just from adsense revenue. Get started now at

        Literally speaking, you can go sign up for a Clickbank account, Linkshare,
Google Adsense, and ALL FOR FREE. Then, post a blog about
anything…a popular movie, politics, write a review for a product, etc. Put your Affiliate
link to some products in the blog, as well as Adsense ads and start making money by
the time the day is over! And if it‟s not that fast, you will need to be patient and
remember, you NEED to drive traffic to your Website/Blog in order to make money!!!

       Some people just blog about anything, and have multiple blogs, even hundreds.
They have Adsense and other links there as well and they make good money.
Especially, if you can blog about something popular and you are a good writer. You can
have multiple domain names with as well. You can have a blog about how
to make money and promote money-making products (such as this one, which is a
great niche market!)

Other good niches include:
Business to Business
Health & Fitness
Weight Loss

Clickbank has digital products that you can promote in all of the above categories and

Chapter 3 – Search Engine Marketing

We already discussed Search Engine Marketing in the end of Chapter 2 quite a bit. To
give you a rundown, Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model used on search
engines, advertising networks, and content websites/blogs, where advertisers only pay
when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser's website. Advertisers bid on
keywords they predict their target market will use as search terms when they are
looking for a product or service. When a user types a keyword query matching the
advertiser's keyword list, or views a page with relevant content, the advertiser's ad may
be shown. These ads are called a "Sponsored link" or "sponsored ads" and appear next
to or above the "natural" or organic results on search engine results pages, or anywhere
a webmaster/blogger chooses on a content page.
Pay per click ads may also appear on content network websites. In this case, ad
networks such as Google AdSense and Yahoo! Publisher Network attempt to provide
ads that are relevant to the content of the page where they appear, and no search
function is involved.
While many companies exist in this space, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing,
and Microsoft adCenter are the largest network operators as of 2007.

Using PPC Marketing to promote your products
       Contrary to what we were discussing in Chapter 2, you will also want to promote
your Clickbank digital products on Google PPC and/or Yahoo PPC. We discussed
Google Adsense, where you get paid for clicks on ads that you post on your site or blog.
Google AdWords is the opposite. It’s where YOU pay for clicks in order to drive high
quality traffic to your affiliate products. Remember, you don’t need a website for this.
You will guide people directly to the product page, with your affiliate link encoded in it.

A typical sponsored ad on Google might look like this:

Lose Weight Fast
Lose 9 lbs in 11 days and
Be fit for the Holidays!
You are probably very familiar with this type of search result. All search results look like
this on Google, paid for or not. The Paid for ones or ‘sponsored’ ones are always on the
very top and on the right side -OR- on someone elses webpage or blog.

      If you had YOUR affiliate ID in place of „youraffiliateID‟ in the link above…you
would make 75% of any sale resulting from someone clicking on your ad.

You can click on the above link, it is an ACTUAL Clickbank product for weight loss. It is
a top seller and in October/November 2007 the Top 4 Affiliates of this product
generated $1,011,000 in sales! That means they made close to $200,000 each in
commissions in 65 days.

How Do I Get Started?

Great Question! You can sign up for a Google AdWords PPC Account at

        They will guide you through creating an ad campaign as they call it. You will
decide and provide the Title, Description, and URL (your affiliate link). You will choose
the keywords that you want your ad to show up for when people search for those
keywords on Google. Then, you set a maximum bid you are willing to pay for any ONE
click. You can also set a Daily or Monthly Budget, so your ads will run until your daily
budget is met, then they will pause until the next day. Then….BOOM, your ad goes live,
and you start noticing the purchases being made. You will be able to track your sales
inside Clickbank in your personal account page. Click on Reports, then Analytics. You
will be able to see how many clicks you got on certain products, purchases and detailed
stats. I suggest you set up an ad campaign for multiple products in different niches and
see which one works best for you, or continue to promote all of them! Money-Making
products are great sellers, as are Beauty, Pet Training, Weight Loss, Investigation,
Computing & Internet, Business to Business, Music Lessons, Language Courses, etc.

       This is how you can make serious money without having a website and without
having to deliver the product to the customer or accept the credit card payment.
Clickbank takes care of everything for you (including customer support) and you’ll get a
check every 1st and 16th of every month for all of your commissions! Go to now and sign up as an affiliate for FREE!

                               Chapter 4 – Re-Sell Rights

       Some E-Books and Digital products come with 100% Re-Sell Rights! This means
that you purchase the E-Book, then you can Re-Sell it as many times as you like to as
many people as possible and keep 100% of the money! Sounds terrific right? It is. But it
DOES REQUIRE Work on your part. You must advertise your products like with any
other business. Luckily, on the internet there are loads of FREE advertising available.
We will discuss those sources of free advertising in the next chapter. To find great
products with 100% re-sell rights just search on your favorite search engine for
‘Products with Re-Sell rights’ or ‘EBooks with re-sell rights.’

       These are fantastic money-makers because not only do the E-Books themselves
have great, informative content, but you can also sell them to people who specifically
want them to Re-Sell and make money. That’s 2 different client pools: The people who
want the information -AND- people who want to make money selling EBooks.

                             Chapter 5 – Free Advertising

       There are many forms of FREE advertising available on the internet. They come
usually in the form of textual content, with links to a product in the text ad. Methods of
FREE Advertising:

          1.1. Free Online Classified Ads
2.      E-Zine Articles
3.      Blogs
4.      Free Press Releases
5.      Showing up on Search Engines (through your blog, press release or E-zine
article, etc.)
6.      Discussion Forums
7.      Chat Rooms (Make sure to not SPAM people and abide by the law)
          2.8. Free Business Cards (from

       Paid Advertising that’s worth doing:

        1.1. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Microsoft Pay-Per-Click Advertising
2.     Email Marketing
3.     Mass Mailing
4.     Flyers
5.     TV/Radio commercial
6.     Newspaper Classifieds
7.     Business Cards
         2.8. offers top search engine listings with for your press
           release for $80. (They also offer free press releases)
Chapter 6 – Email Marketing

       One of the best ways to make serious money online is through Email Marketing.
Please, do NOT go out and purchase a list of email addresses and SPAM everyone
with your affiliate link. These are unsolicited emails and could get you in trouble and/or
the people you email to have had their email address sold 1,000 times and have been
SPAMMED like crazy and will NOT be interested in your product. They most likely won’t
even have or use that email address anymore. A lot of beginners make this mistake,
and pay for it.

        The EXCITING truth about Email Marketing however is much better. There are
lots of companies out there that offer targeted email campaigns. They send out millions
of emails getting people to „Opt-In‟ and say that they ARE interested in receiving emails
about specific products. These companies don‟t give you the email addresses, they
email your campaign themselves, because they are reputable and people have already
„Opted-In‟ to receive emails from them therefore it is NOT SPAM. Plus, they WANT to
receive offers about your product. Let‟s say you want to promote a weight loss product.
You find a company who has a database of „Opt-In‟ weight loss customers who want to
lose weight and receive information about weight loss. You create an email that sells
your product and you include your affiliate link to the product in the email.

         Let’s say you email 10 Million weight loss customers.
Out of 10 Million Emails let’s be conservative and say 2% of the people will click on your
affiliate link inside your email. That’s 200,000 clicks/views to your product. Now, let’s be
conservative again and say that only 2% of those 200,000 people actually buy
something. That would be 4,000 purchases. With ‘Fat Loss 4 Idiots’ the most popular
weight loss program on clickbank, the commission is $26.80. LET’S DO SOME MATH!

       4,000 purchases
       x $26.80

That‟s pretty good money for one Email Campaign that takes only about 1 month to
complete. Starting to see the possibilities? The conversion rate for purchases has
shown to be better than 2% for most of the popular clickbank items. On average, the
good products sell 1:15. (1 purchase for every 15 views) which comes out to about

      If you can be involved in effective, targeted email marketing, you can make a
LOT of money on the internet. It‟s basically a numbers game.

Chapter 7 – Summary
       Let’s sum up what we’ve learned.
Start out by creating FREE accounts with:

1. Clickbank (Sign up as an affiliate)
2. Google AdSense (to get paid for clicks)
3. Google AdWords (to pay for clicks)
4. Linkshare (optional)
5. (create your own blog with free domain name!)

Once you complete these steps. Choose the products you want to sell from Clickbank‟s
 Once you find a product you like, click „create hoplink‟
Type in your affiliate username and click „submit‟
They will give you an affiliate link for that product.
Copy and paste that link anywhere you will advertise:
-On your Blog
-Classified Ads
-Personal or business website (if you have one)
-E-zine Articles
-Free Press Releases
-Google, Yahoo, MSN, Microsoft, etc. Pay-Per-Click
-Email Marketing
-Direct Mail
-Business Cards
-Newspaper Ads
-Discussion Forums
* Anywhere and everywhere that people will be interested in your product. (as long as
it‟s not SPAM)

Also, you will want to copy and paste the HTML code for your AdSense ads into your
Blog and/or website. This way you can earn ad revenue from clicks. There are plenty of
resources out there to help you become a better affiliate. On Clickbank, most of the
products have an affiliate page that will have tools for you to promote their product such
as : Banner Ads, Text Links, Emails that you can copy and paste for your Email
Campaigns, Keywords and Ads to use for PPC and much more!

I wish you all the best in your online money making endeavors,
To your Success!