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Kaba GmbH
Workforce Management
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78056 Villingen-Schwenningen

Phone +49 7720 603-0

                                    C&A, Netherlands
«Productivity, measured
across all the employees of
C&A Netherlands, has increased
as a result of this by 1%.»
Jeroen Snijders,
Head of IT

                                    Time gained thanks to automated time recording system without any additional
                                    recording in mySAP ERP HCM                   programming effort. It was SAP who
                                    C&A Netherlands is constantly looking        gave C&A the tip of approaching Kaba,
                                    for opportunities to rationalize its oper-   which offers a certified sub-system for
                                    ating procedures and reduce overheads.       time recording. As Kaba and SAP have
                                    Since the beginning of 2002, C&A             aligned their systems to one another,
                                    has used mySAP ERP Human Capital             these can be linked to mySAP ERP HCM
                                    Management (mySAP ERP HCM) to                with minimum effort. Jeroen Snijders,
                                    reduce administrative tasks in the           Head of IT at C&A Netherlands:
                                    company to a minimum. As a pioneer in        «With this system, employees only have
                                    its industry, C&A introduced a progres-      to hold a small badge near to the device
                                    sive time recording system in the course     to book in or out.»
                                    of 2004 that is linked with a mySAP ERP      There are also numerous options for
                                    HCM system. C&A branches throughout          defining which data are transferred to
                                    Europe can now use the experiences to        the administration system. In the past,
                                    generate the same ROI.                       employees had to fill out lists by hand
                                    C&A had long used the Time Managers          and branch managers sometimes spent
                                    Workplace in mySAP HCM, among                up to 160 hours a year transferring
                                    others, for the planning of holidays and     attendance lists to the system - with the
                                    staff rosters and to determine working       risk of typos and misunderstandings. At
                                    hours. The next step was the use of a        times, this led to discussions, which did
                                    standard planning table in SAP and the       not help the company’s productivity.
                                    linking of this to an automated time
                                                                                       C&A, Netherlands

                                                                           Success Story
Integrate time management simply           time recording themselves, so that there
Jeroen Snijders is delighted how simple    is no longer any discussions or doubts.
it was for C&A to integrate the new time   Those who forget to book in know that it
recording system into the mySAP ERP        is their own fault. Change management
HCM system, which has been running         or the training of end users was not
since 2002.                                necessary because everyone is already
«From a technical perspective, every-      used to the SAP interface. Only branch
thing went perfect. During a test in a     managers had to make a mental leap.
large Rotterdam branch, we posted a        They now have to take changes into
success immediately. This benefited us     account beforehand, instead of changing
greatly, because to save overheads, we     things afterwards.» One secondary
only have a small IT department. We        benefit is that the time recording termi-
would like to automate as much as          nals can record hours per department,
possible with standard components and      for instance in the distributor center.
avoid having to program ourselves so       Snijders: «This means that we can
that we can achieve an optimal result      charge the hours worked directly per
with minimum means.»                       department and have better information
The IT department only had to adjust a     about the cost level per activity. Such
few settings in accordance with its        management information is well suited
requirements in order to start the auto-   for comparing our performance with
matic transmission of data between         competitors or with C&A branches in
badge readers and SAP. Snijders: «We       other countries.» Snijders is very
were able to keep the implementation       pleased with the results: «Productivity,
entirely in our own hands. Apart from      measured across all the employees of
the procurement of 150 time recording      C&A Netherlands, has increased as a
terminals, three man months and a few      result of this by 1%.»
practice hours, we did not have to make    The completion of the attendance lists is
any additional investments for adjust-     no longer necessary at all, and the time
ment. We had previously calculated that    for manual entry of the data into SAP
we could recover the costs within a year   has been halved. This solution pays off
and we have more than succeeded in         in less than a year. Strengthened by this
that.»                                     success, we would now like to enhance
Improved overview of costs                 the SAP planning table with the data
Snijders had expected resistance from      from our financial SAP module so that
the employees because they might feel      we can link the expected sales with the
that they were being monitored, but the    time recording of the employees. If a
opposite proved to be the case. «The       branch manager, for whatever reason,
system was enthusiastically received.      expects a deviation in sales, he or she
The planning table is more transparent     can allow for more or fewer employees
and operations are calmer at the           in the planning, taking account of
company. Files and papers that used to     holidays and staff rosters. We can then
lie around have now disappeared.           substantially increase the sales per
Employees are now responsible for the      employee.

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