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					     Andrew Blaner; Barnard College

      Jim Rizzo, Providence College

Micheal Malsed, Claremont McKenna College
                 Andrew Blaner
Associate Director for Technical Support Services
    Barnard College Information Technology
•   Private Liberal Arts Womens College in NYC
•   Partnered with Columbia University
•   2300 students
•   700 Faculty/Staff networked computers
•   150 Library and Computing lab networked
• Faculty and Staff Support
   o   ROLM phone call center plus email contact
   o   Walk in center for faculty and staff
• 13 HDTs (part-time students)
• 5 Fulltime Technical Specialists

• Student Support (Resnet)
• 20 ACEs (part-time students)
   o   Resnet Skype phone system, plus email and form contact
   o   Walk in center for students
• 1 Manager of Student Computing (full-time)
• 1 Student Computing Coordinator (part-time)

• Both use the same ticket tracking system with combined
  faculty/staff/student database
  Client based software
Last Updated 03/23/2009
•   web-based
•   email-to-ticket conversion
•   trouble ticket email notifications
•   track work time
•   self-service knowledge base
•   LDAP & Active Directory integration
•   permissions-based access
•   customer service Web portal
•   help desk technicians and administrators
•   computer asset management
•   Surveys
•   Scheduling and calendars
• Hired summer (2008) consultant to help test
  WHD and set up categories, technicians,
  and end user database
• Used 30 day free fully functional evaluation
• Running on Apache Server using MySQL
• Fully functional January 2009
• Server Hardware was repaired and stable
  version installed
• Daily and weekly updates of software from
• Very little user training required to learn the
• Limited to reporting templates
• Interface not easily customizable
• But overall users and technicians felt big
  improvement over the old system
• Ticket database can be exported
• Able to generate charts and graphs showing # of
  tickets by Top users, Top Departments, Building
• Useful for determining ticket trends
• Purchased 50 seat license for $16,500
• Annual maintenance $3300
Andrew Blaner
Associate Director for Technical Support Services
Barnard College
Trouble Ticket Systems at PC

            Jim Rizzo
       Helpdesk Manager
       Providence College
About PC
• About 4400 students
   o 3800 undergrads
   o 600 graduate and continuing ed.
• About 1000 faculty/staff
• Single IT Helpdesk
   o 2 FTE
   o 2 GA
   o 35 student employees
• Small team of field techs
   o 3 FTE
   o 11 student employees
• About 15 other IT employees who resolve tickets
   o Network/server admins
   o Telecommunications
   o Training
• Calls written on paper
  o   Handed to technicians
• Inefficient
• Tickets easily lost
• Difficult to keep track of who did what
Liberum Help Desk
• Started using Liberum in early-mid 2003
• Pros
  o   Free and Open Source
  o   .ASP with Access DB
  o   Quick to setup
  o   Easy to use
• Cons
  o   Very basic trouble ticket system
  o   Poor reporting options
  o   Not very extensible
• Served our needs for 6 years
SchoolDude IT Direct
• Physical Plant uses Maintenance Direct
• Switched to SchoolDude ITD March 2009
• Pros
   o   Inexpensive
   o   Hosted
         No maintenance/server space required
   o   Strong reporting system
   o   Ability to auto-route tickets to queues or techs
   o   Fast/responsive technical support team
• Cons
   o   Not as intuitive
   o   Busy screen
   o   Wonky behavior tough to get used to
Client Support
• Analyze ticket trends.
  o   Most common problems.
  o   Most needy users.
• Resolve more over the phone.
• Create better documentation.
• Better train Helpdesk staff.
Contact Me
•   Jim Rizzo
•   AIM: JRizzoPC
•   401-865-1277
        AT CMC
 Micheal Malsed
 Asst Director for Student Technology Services
 Claremont McKenna College
• 1000 students
  o   99% resident
       (max of 50 non-residents. . .)
• 1 IT FTE student support staff (me)
  o   18 Resident Technology Assistants (RTAs)
• 3 Network/3 Admin computing FTE
  o   Not in chain of command for RTAs
• Decentralized
  o   Students live East
  o   Staff, offices, main lab is West
• RTAs – in dorms
  o   1 per approx 70 students
• Used consortium-wide
  o   Pomona College is lead college (thanks Matt)
• No choice
  o   Was already in use by the Helpdesk and Media
• Implemented CMC RTA-Helpdesk project
• Demonstrate
• Helpdesks want a TON of info
• RTAs don’t really care, don’t need a lot.
  o   Use description field.
  o   Use for “significant” issues
        Define “significant” – floating description
• RTAs are decentralized
  o   Need accountability
  o   Need communication
  o   Need separation from administrative computing
• Intermediate project
  o   Interface between network/server guys and
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