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					        Join Us At The Theatre In The Park
                 For Season 2010!
Don’t miss a moment of The Theatre in the Park’s exciting Season 2010 featuring
Jesus Christ Superstar, Annie, All Shook Up and Cinderella! Your whole family will enjoy this
summer’s musical theatre productions in our beautiful park setting. Choose from the following
ticket options to meet your needs. Avoid standing in line at the box office and order your
tickets today!

            STAR PACKAGES                            RESERVED CHAIR TICKETS
Star Admission Flex Passes may be used for any     Leave your lawn chairs at home and let us
night, any show and include early gate entry on    reserve a great seat for you! Reserved Chair
Friday and Saturday nights.                        Ticket patrons can arrive right before the
                                                   show and get a spot in the designated
    THE 5-STAR PACKAGE includes 30                 Reserved Chair Seating Area near the stage!
Admission Passes that provide early entry at       Reserved chairs must be purchased in advance
7:00 pm on Friday and Saturday nights plus         - book early as availability is limited!
eight parking passes (each pass allows for prime
parking of one vehicle for one evening.)                    Reserved Chairs...……..$20/chair
              5-Star Package.…………..$550

   THE 4-STAR PACKAGE includes 25                       SHOW NIGHT TICKETS
Admission Passes that provide early entry at
7:05 pm on Friday and Saturday nights.             Tickets may be purchased in advance
              4-Star Package.…………..$325            for general admission to a specific
                                                   performance. Company events, reunions,
   THE 3-STAR PACKAGE includes 20                  scout troops or groups of any kind can order
Admission Passes that provide early entry at       the exact number of tickets needed and
7:15 pm on Friday and Saturday nights.             distribute to the group in advance. Reserved
              3-Star Package.…………..$215            group seating is available for an extra charge.
                                                   Please call the Theatre office for details.
                                                             Show Night Tickets.....$8/Adult
          SEASON TICKETS                                               $6/Youth (ages 4-10)
                                                                   Free/Child (3 and under)
    Order your Season Tickets and save
      25%! You get one show for free!
  The Season Ticket Package includes one
  admission pass for each of the four shows
  in Season 2010. Tickets may be used for
  any night of the specific show and are
  valid for one youth or adult.
         Season Ticket Package…...$24

     Show specific tickets may not
      be exchanged or refunded.
                                                                    Season 2010
                                                                   ORDER YOUR
                                                                 TICKETS TODAY!
       ORDER YOUR TICKETS ONLINE                     Complete both sides of this form. Please note that
All tickets and ticket packages can be ordered       orders received by mail or fax are subject to a $5
                                                     processing fee. Returned checks are subject to a
online from Ticket Derby through our website         $20 service charge.
                                                                       PLEASE PRINT
       Tickets issued through Ticket Derby are
       subject to a processing fee and are issued    Name: ____________________________________
       as printable E-tickets. E-tickets may be      Address: __________________________________
       purchased up until 5:00 pm the day of
       the show.
       When ordering Star Packages and Season
       Ticket Packages online, you will print out    State:___________ Zip:______________________
       a voucher that can be redeemed for the
                                                     Primary Phone: (_______)____________________
       actual admission passes at the Box Office
       Will Call window or by mailing the voucher    Secondary Phone: (_______)__________________
       to the Theatre’s administrative office.       Email: ____________________________________
       (Please allow 10 days for mailing.)
                                                     Payment Enclosed (Check One):
       ORDER TICKETS BY MAIL OR FAX                    Check      Discover     Visa          Mastercard
Complete the attached Order Form and mail it
                                                              Please make checks payable to
along with your payment to: The Theatre in the                   The Theatre in the Park.
Park, JCPRD Recreation Administration Building A,
                                                          COMPLETE FOR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT
6501 Antioch Rd, Shawnee Mission KS 66202 or fax
it to: 913-831-3311.                                 Name as it appears on card:
Ticket orders received 10 or more days before        ____________________________________________
the day of the show will be mailed; otherwise
                                                     Account #:_______________________________
tickets will be held for pick up at the Box Office
Will Call window.                                    Expiration Date: ___/___/___*CID #: ___ ___ ___
                                                     *Last three numbers on back of your credit card. We
Ticket orders made by mail or fax are subject to     cannot process your order without this information.
a $5 per order processing fee. Returned checks       Authorized Signature:
are subject to a $20 service charge.
After May 1, tickets and ticket packages may be        Patrons who purchase Star Packages and
purchased in person (with no processing fee) at        Season Tickets will be acknowledged on The
the Theatre’s new Administrative office (JCPRD         Theatre in the Park website. Please print your
Recreation Administration Building A, 6501             name as it should appear in the website listing
                                                       (30 letter limit).
Antioch Rd, Shawnee Mission) weekdays from
10 am to 4 pm.                                         ____________________________________________

Please call 913-236-1237 or email at
                                                        Please detach and mail this completed form if you have any questions                       (both sides), plus payment to:
regarding your order.
                                                               The Theatre in the Park
     We look forward to seeing you at                   JCPRD Recreation Administration Bldg. A
                                                                 6501 Antioch Road
   The Theatre in the Park this summer!
                                                             Shawnee Mission, KS 66202
    Please complete this information                                             BOX OFFICE
  as it applies to your ticket purchase.
                                                                 Tickets may be purchased onsite for the evening’s
      TICKET OPTIONS                                             performance. Box office attendants are available at
                                                                 6:30 pm on show nights to accommodate your ticket
              5-Star Ticket Package…….....$550                   needs, with no added fees!
           4-Star Ticket Package….....…..$325
                                                                         Box Office Tickets..........$8/Adult
        3-Star Ticket Package...........…..$215                                        $6/Youth (ages 4-10)
                                                                                  Free/Child (3 and under)
Season Tickets.……....................………….$24
    Qty: _____ x $24 (applicable for adult and youth)                        RAINOUT POLICY
    Qty: _____ Children (Free ticket still required for
                              those three and under)             The Theatre in the Park will distribute rainout passes
    TOTAL QTY: ____________ TOTAL $____________
                                                                 to attendees if the show is cancelled due to inclement
                                                                 weather within 45 minutes of the show start. These
                                                                 passes will be valid for entrance into any future show
Reserved Chairs…………….....……….$20/ea
                                                                 in the current Theatre season. Rainout passes will not
1st Date: _____________        2nd Date: _____________           permit early entry.
     Qty: ________ x $20           Qty: ________ x $20
                                                                 If 45 minutes or more of the show is performed, no
3rd Date: _____________        4th Date: _____________
    Qty: ________ x $20            Qty: ________ x $20
                                                                 rainout passes will be given. In accordance with our
                                                                 policy, no ticket refunds will be issued.
Please copy this form to request more than four dates.
    TOTAL QTY: ____________ TOTAL $____________
                                                                 Advance tickets are show and date specific. If a show
                                                                 is rained out at the 8:30 pm curtain time, you can obtain
                                                                 a rainout guest pass to a future show during the same
Show Night Tickets……….....………..…$8/Adult                         season. Your original ticket may be exchanged at the
                      $6/Youth (ages 4-10)                       box office, which opens at 6:30 pm on show nights. You
                    Free/Child (3 and under)                     must have your original ticket in order to receive
        (Free ticket still required for those three and under)   a rainout pass. Your original ticket cannot be refunded.
                                                                 If you decide not to use your ticket and the show
1st Date: ______________       2nd Date: ______________
     Qty: _____ x $8/Adult         Qty: _____ x $8/Adult
                                                                 is performed as scheduled, your ticket will be null
                                                                 and void.
    Qty: _____ x $6/Youth           Qty: _____ x $6/Youth
               (ages 4-10)                     (ages 4-10)
                                                                           THE THEATRE IN THE PARK
    Qty: _____ x Free/Child         Qty: ____ x Free/Child
               (3 and under)                (3 and under)                 7710 Renner Rd., Shawnee, KS
3rd Date: ______________       4th Date: ______________
    Qty: _____ x $8/Adult          Qty: _____ x $8/Adult              THE THEATRE IN THE PARK OFFICES
                                                                    JCPRD Recreation Administration Bldg. A
    Qty: _____ x $6/Youth           Qty: _____ x $6/Youth                     6501 Antioch Road
               (ages 4-10)                     (ages 4-10)
                                                                          Shawnee Mission, KS 66202
    Qty: _____ x Free/Child         Qty: ____ x Free/Child                   Phone: 913-236-1237
               (3 and under)                 (3 and under)
                                                                              Fax: 913-831-3311
  Please copy this form to request additional dates.
    TOTAL ORDER:                    $______________
    PROCESSING FEE:                 $______________
                                         + 5.00

    I wish to support The
    Theatre in the Park
    with a contribution of          $______________

    TOTAL ENCLOSED:                 $______________

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