The problem with Mixed Martial Arts by sammyc2007


									Making Mixed Martial Arts palatable to the masses
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Interesting take on the task. Shows you're thinking about problem / solution.
You have my attention

The problem with Mixed Martial Arts is…
It’s barbaric
It’s human cock fighting.

It’s dangerous

Recent studies suggest that ultimate fighters sustain more injuries frequently than conventional boxers.

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It encourages violence

Good. You're sticking with a problem, and frame it in a coherent way.

A kid had his head smashed into a street curb – a direct result of wanting to emulate these ultimate fighters.

To become a top 5 sport we need to shift perceptions
x It has to be respected
These men are amazing athletes who are trained in multitudes of disciplines.

It has to be accepted
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This is part of the solution. I'm still interested.

Its fans and participants represent every race, creed and class of people. They are not savages, barbarians or criminals, nor are they a collection of social deviants and miscreants.

MMA needs to be positioned as the ‘champion of all sports’
It demands skill and expertise in a number of sports It requires intellect and strategy over brute force
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The guys are Olympic-class athletes in a lot of different areas — Olympic boxers, wrestlers, world champion jujitsu players.

It’s not just about hitting someone. It’s about your intelligence under pressure.

Olympics is an interesting area, and a good point.
I think your support points are good. But the overall thought of 'champion of of all sports feels a little unbelievable‘ – especially given the task – top 5 sport.

We will get there by placing it above condemnation.

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Well done for getting an image of a middle aged women in a cardigan in an mma presentation. You get extra marks for that.

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This may sound trite but what has this got to do with making MMA a top 5 sport in the UK and the US? Sumo is wrapped in ceremony, and heritage. MMA does not have this. Slide is hard to follow.

Consider the place of Sumo Wrestling in Japanese society
•Sumo is steeped in tradition. Much of this tradition dictates a highly controlled way of life.
•The Sumo Association can prescribe the behaviour of its wrestlers in a way that would be more commonly associated with life in a commune.

•Professional sumo is organized by the Japan Sumo Association. •Members of the association are all former wrestlers and are the only people entitled to train new wrestlers.

•Sumo wrestlers are chosen from a young age.


Perhaps we can apply these same rules to Mixed Martial Arts

•The Professional Mixed Martial Arts Association (PMMAA) is made up of competing and non competing members. Non competing or retired members are the only ones entitled to train competing members.
•PMMAA athletes must have achieved high ranking status in their discipline ie karate, jiu jitsu, wrestling, etc.
PC Comments:

•All members of the PMMAA live in the same training facility complete with dieticians, doctors and trainers. •PMMAA athletes are subject to strict rules which govern their behavior in the ring and their lifestyle outside. •Each member has exclusive titles which denote their ranking and role.

•New members are put forward by a traditional feels like you would be making it more exclusive. Making it more PMMMA member and must be endorsed by You miss the point of mma when you say that members should be high ranking in other martial all. arts - mma transcends traditional martial arts, it takes the functionality and abandons the form.
Again this presentation ends on quite a flat note. Nothing to excite me, or make me want to ask you more.

Though you have clearly thought about the question and present a considered if unexciting answer.

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