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              Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
                         III Year B.H.M.S Degree Examination – July 2008
[Time: 3 Hours]                                                                           [Max. Marks: 100]

                            SURGERY - PAPER III (Revised Scheme)

                                          QP Code: 1432
                           Your answers should be specific to the questions asked.
                              Draw neat labeled diagrams wherever necessary.

LONG ESSAY                                                                               2 X 10 = 20 Marks
1.    Compare and contrast the therapeutic indications of four homoeopathic tetanus remedies in detail
2.    Explain in detail the scope and limitations of homoeopathic medicines like nuxvom, lycopodium,
      verat alb, lachesis in case of Hernia

SHORT ESSAY (Answer any ten)                                                             10 X 5 = 50 Marks
3.    Explain the following drugs in corneal ulcer – euphrasia and calc carb
4.    Indication of Arg Nit and phosphorous in Aphonia
5.    Write the action of silicea and Merc Sulphuris in pyojenic ostiomylitis
6.    Discuss the action of Berb vulg and calc carb in renal calculi
7.    Write the scope of Thuja and Calc flor in malignant tumour
8.    Discuss the limitation of two homoeopathic drugs in case of gastric ulcer
9.    Mention the indication of Ars alb and lachesis in gangrena
10.   What are the indication of cantharis and staphysagria in burns?
11.   Distinguish the usage of Nitric acid and Merc sol in Apthus ulcer
12.   Discuss the indication of Arnica and opium in cerebral concussion
13.   Compare the action of Zincum Met and Thuja in Pterygium
14.   Explain the use of two homoeopathic medicines in otorrhroea

SHORT ANSWERS                                                                            10 X 3 = 30 Marks
15.   Indication of Arnica in traumatic shock
16.   Indication of Caustium in lumbar disc prolapse
17.   Indication of Kali carb in pleural effusion
18.   Indication of Bryonia in Brochiectasis
19.   Indication of conium in cancer of lungs
20.   Indication of Bell in night blindness
21.   Indication of Calc flor in case Cervical spondilitis
22.   Indication of Ars alb in gum boots ulcer
23.   Indication of Arg nit in Hoarseness
24.   Indication of Borax in stomatitis


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