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					                                          Amanda Hunter
                                           Via Lovaria 1
                                           33100 Udine
                                  Tel: 0432 229789/ 335 8106561

PROFILE              Freelance teacher, copywriter and translator with 18 years teaching and 12 years
                     translation experience. Excellent writing and communication skills. Creative
                     all-rounder with ‘can do’ attitude, able to wor k independently and in a team.
                     Widely travelled (Africa, Middle East, Europe) with 15 years experience of working
                     in southern Europe (Greece, Spain, Italy). Fluent Italian speaker.


1989 - 1992          Bristol University, Bristol, Avon, England

1986 - 1987          Hillcroft College, Surbiton, Surrey, England


BSc Hons             Political Science and Social Policy

CNAA                 Combined Studies (Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Literature)

RSA                  CELTA - Grade B (Diploma in teaching English as a foreign language)

1998 - 2010          Freelance translator (Italian and Spanish into English)

TRANSLATION SKILLS   I have been working as an Italian >English translator for the past twelve years. While I specialize
AND EXPERIENCE       in the fields of ar t, culture, marketing, tourism and politics, I have translated a wide range of
                     tex ts on many other subjects, including food and w ine, history, geography, geology,
                     philosophy, development, the environment, anthropology, literature, etc. I have a wide
                     general and cultural knowledge, excellent research skills and access to a wide selection
                     of translation tools and resour ces. Having lived in northern Italy for the past ten years, I
                     have an in-depth knowledge of the region, its culture and its people, and in addition to
                     having translated a number of books on or by local ar tists, l have also translated a range
                     of promotional brochures, leaflets and web site materials for local associations, institutions
                     and businesses. I have an excellent command of English (my mother tongue), and am a
                     skilled writer and communicator. Details of some of the projects I have undertaken over
                     the past twelve years – including published works- are outlined below:

BOOK TRANSLATIONS:   Tesori Nascosti in Friuli Venezia Giulia: Itinerari fra gli agriturismi – tourist guidebook on
                     Friuli Venezia Giulia and its farmstays, Forum Editrice (2009)

                     La Basilica di Aquileia: Gli Affreschi della Abside Maggiore - book on the 11th century
                     frescoes of the Basilica of Aquileia), Forum Editrice (2008)

                     Lezione di Linguistica Friulana, a book on the Friulian language
                     by the Friulian scholar Federico Vicario, Foru m Ed itrice (2008)
                     L’arte del Blackwork (book on blackwork embroidery) by Gabriella Antoniazzi and
                     Bruna Scagnetti - Associazione IL Friuli Ricama (2007)
                        Resistenza – art/photo book on the history of the Italian resistance movement by Danilo De
                        Marco and Gianluigi Colin, Forum Editrice (2006)

                        Blue Industry - issue 07 dedicated to the work of the architect Gino Valle - Fantoni (2004)
                        One Hundred Years of Advertising and Communication (2003)

                        Le Valli tra il Torre e il Natisone - tourist guidebook on the flora and fauna of the valley
                        between the Torre and Natisone rivers, in Friuli, Italy, Comune di Taipana (2001)

                        Il Sale della Terra - 320-page photo book documenting the work of Danilo De Marco
                        with contributions from Jaques Derrida, Erri De Luca, Claudio Magris,
                        Maurizio Chierici, Ar turo Quintavalle - CEVI (1999)

                        Acrobazie - book to accompany an exhibition of work by the artist Lorenzo Mattotti
                        Text by Claudio Piersanti - Hazard Edizioni (1998)

BROCHURE TRANSLATIONS   Gli affreschi trecenteschi della Chiesa di
                        San Giovanni Battista a Redenzicco - tourist brochure on local 13 th century frescoes in the
                        church of San Giovanni Battista, Redenzicco - Comune di Sedegliano (2000)

                        Promotional materials for several restaurants and bed and breakfast establishments in Friuli.

JOURNAL TRANSLATIONS    Multiverso - cultural journal published by Forum Editrice and CDM Assocciati in association with
                        the University of Udine

                        Eu-politix - translation of interviews with
                        Romano Prodi and Gianfranco Fini

                        The Parliament Magazine - translation of interviews
                        and an article on the European Space Programme

SUBTITLING              Viaggi nella Parola – series of video documentar ies produced by Altreforme on Italian artists and

WEBSITE TRANSLATIONS    CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia
                        Associazione Vicino/Lontano

                        Plus materials for many other websites

ACADEMIC PAPERS         I have translated numerous academic papers for conference presentations and academic
                        journals. Subjects covered: philosophy, psychology, anthropology, demographics, art and design.


Forum Editrice          Publishing house of the University of Udine
                        Projects: translations of academic books, art and photo books, books on regional culture and
                        tourism, photo exhibition descriptions, book summaries.

Altreforme              Creators of TV for mat Mati e Dada, an educational car toon on the history of art for children (RAI
                        Intenational), producers of ar t documentaries and CD ROMs for arts teaching.
                        Projects: translation of plot summaries and infor mation sheets for screenwriters for Mati e Dada,
                        subtitles for video documentary series on Italian ar tists and intellectuals, mar keting promotions
                        and correspondence.

CSS Teatro stabile      Theatre company and theatrical/cultural events organizer
                        Projects: translation of website, scripts, theatre programmes and promotional materials
Vicino/Lontano            Promoter and organizer of cultural events, including an annual cultural festival (Udine)
                          Projects: translation of website, promotional materials, press releases, correspondence etc.

CeVi                      Centre for International Voluntary Work and Development Co-operation
                          Projects: campaign materials, EU documentation, grant applications, photobook
                          (see above for details)

EU Politix                Online journal on European political affair s
                          Projects: translation of interviews and ar ticles

The Parliament Magazine   Journal on European political affairs
                          Projects: translation of interviews and ar ticles

University of Udine       Projects: translation of academic ar ticles and tex ts for website

CDM                       Graphic design studio
                          Projects: art catalogues, promotional materials, competition entries, correspondence

Design Works              Graphic design studio
                          Projects: books on furniture design and architecture, exhibition materials

Fantoni                   Italian furniture designer/manufacturer
                          Projects: books and exhibition materials

WS Traduzione             Translation agency (Udine)
                          Projects: translation of promotional materials, brochures, articles, menus

Eidon                     Software research and development company
                          Project: brochure translation

Comune di Sedegliano      Project: tourist leaflet on local 13century frescoes


1990 – 2010               Freelance teacher of English – individual and group courses
                          Levels: from beginner to proficiency
                          Age range of students: children and adults

                                   design, organization and coordination of courses in higher education institutions,
                                    schools, chambers of commerce and private institutions.
                                   preparation and design of course materials (including testing and examinations)
                                   exam preparation for Cambridge Examinations (PET, First Certificate, Advanced,
                                    Proficiency), IELTS and TOEFL

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