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Microsoft word has become the special application for all the aged people. Most
of the people who knows computer are running ms word for their personal and
professional use. They have faith on ms word. But students are also using ms
word for their educational needs. But as they are new users, so many problems
are here they cannot find any solution. Sometime ms word corrupted many files
or working files. In that time what can a student do? If he does not know properly
about Microsoft word he will write that paper again. So they should have helped
by the experienced user.

Student help is the crying need for the students. Education is becoming harder. So
it is necessary to share the knowledge that knows and should help students.
Students face problems when any file corrupted. So this is a general suggestion to
press ctrl and s in every minute. You can use word recovery software for these
problems. You can also create a password for ms word to protect your files. I am
telling you how you can set your password. Click the office home button and then
click prepare and after clicking just click encrypt document. In the dialog box give
your password, click ok. After that set your previous password and confirm again
your password and click ok. After all this save the password with your ms word
file also. Sometime you may be in danger when you are using 2007 word but your
college or school lab has office 2003. What will you do? Here is your solution. At
first you have to open your word file and just press saves as and after that click
word 97-2003 document. And now show your file in 2003 whether you are using
2007 doc. Fie. Another problem you can face, and it was numbering. There are
many tutorials for solving this problem.

Student help is very necessary because students might have helped by us and will
be happy for getting these solutions in Microsoft word. You can get help about
thesis writing from online.

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