Problems of MS word by sahachandan


									Word problem, you can solve yourself.

Many users are affected by Microsoft word errors. Microsoft word has become
very famous application for us. We work on it, makes notes on it, makes tables on
it and as well as we present any reports on it. But with its good side it has many
sides too. Now many users are facing problem when they are writing. Here I will
tell you about some problem which can make your loss. When you will work on
ms word you can face font problems. It will dispose your writing style.

Word problems are occurring in the many pc. Sometime you can take any files
from other format. But when you install that in your computer you can face an
error. File is not recognized format. Some files are written in a bad format. When
you will open any corrupted file it will unable to read. If you find any error in MS
word, you will get your solution. Try to identify the CPU usage. You find its
increasing usage press CTRL+ALT+DLT. If you are wasting a huge time in one
application it can hang. Then close the application or reopen it. If you will clear all
the cache and temporary files, your files will be fresh from virus and you can get
your ms word free from virus. You should open your file recover converter. Virus
attacks and unexpected shutdown can also damages also can make many
problems for ms word. Network errors are also cause for document corrupts.
When your file has corrupted you can follow this method. At first open the file
with open and repair feature. And then click on the Microsoft office button and
open the document. Save your document in XTML or word processing application
format. Create your new document and copy all the files. After this restore your
damaged files. Then scan your damaged file using word processing software.

Word problems are not a headache if you follow the steps I have showed here. So
be preparing to solve the words problem yourself. You can get word 2007 tutorial
from online.

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