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Commercial Real Estate PDF - Commercial Real Estate


									                                Commercial Real Estate

                                Big Firm Clout. Small Firm Attitude.
                                When working on a real estate transaction, the size of your attorney’s firm
                                doesn’t matter. What matters is that your attorney has the ability, experience
                                and responsiveness to successfully complete the transaction. At FMJ, our
                                attorneys combine commercial real estate legal expertise with a practical
                                business perspective to anticipate potential roadblocks and proactively create
                                solutions to complete the transaction.

                                At FMJ, our real estate experts have years of experience negotiating and
                                completing real estate transactions for developers, owners, lenders, landlords,
                                tenants and contractors in every imaginable type of transaction at the local,
                                regional and national level. FMJ attorneys have directed, coordinated and
                                completed complex multi-transaction development projects involving the
                                simultaneous purchase, construction, leasing, sale and financing of real estate.
                                They have assembled multiple parcels of land for redevelopment and expansion.
                                One area of particular expertise is retail. Whether a grocery-anchored center,
                                mixed-use facility, regional mall or a single tenant site, FMJ knows how to
                                navigate the transaction.

                                The strategic, proactive and practical solutions provided by FMJ’s commercial
                                real estate team will build the foundation for your future success.

                                FMJ Professionals:
                                Gregory P. Brenny
                                Marissa J. Ulstad
                                Daniel A. Ventura
                                Lorrie L. Green

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