Baltimore Scavenger Hunt B patrol

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					                              Baltimore Scavenger Hunt
Have fun as you explore Baltimore. Complete all tasks in order to earn money for a team
challenge later today….

  □ Go to city hall. Take a group photo around the state seal.

            Who is the current mayor of Baltimore?

  □ Find 3 native Baltimoreans. Ask each these questions (write down the answers):

            What is their favorite thing about the city?

            What would they like to see changed?

  □ Enter the Baltimore Visitor’s Center. Each person should find 3 brochures of places they’d like

     to visit or activities they’d like to do. Share with the group.

  □ Take a group photo next to the world’s tallest 5-sided building.

  □ What is the name of the sailing vessel, currently docked in the Baltimore Harbor, that captured

     slaving ships during the Civil War?

  □ Find a tourist. What is one fun fact they have learned while exploring this city?

  □ What is the major river that flows into the Chesapeake Bay near Baltimore?

                   What is the name of the lighthouse that sat at this juncture?

  □ Climb to the top of Federal Hill. What is the significance of this point?

            (extra points if you see the giant hand from the vantage view of the park)

  □ Good work! Ask your facilitator for the next steps of the day….

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