Describe the legal aspects of a mortgage by liuqingyan


									Topics                                                    Group Members

Describe the legal aspects of a mortgage.                 Dean and Chance

Describe the legal and ethical aspects of a marriage      Rachaele, Phillip, Karley
and the dissolution of a marriage.

Describe the legal methods of liquidating an estate or a Nathan

Analyze the effects of unethical and illegal practices
on a business and on consumers; cite laws and             Robert, Syed, Colby
regulations that have formed because of unethical

Determine a lawyer's obligation of confidentiality, and
cite cases in which legal practices posed an ethical or   Brandon, Kayil, Conner
legal question.

Identify an employee's right to continued employment
by examining current legislation, or example, unlawful
termination, sexual harassment, family leave,          Keith, Michael C., Trenton
Americans with Disabilities Act, and employee

Identify the people with legal responsibility for the     Ryley, Michael T., Travis
acts (civil and criminal) of the business organization.

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