10-27 Peraica Release on Former State Rep Molaro

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					Pay-to-Play in McCook: Former State Rep. Receives Patronage Job …
Chicago, Illinois — October 27, 2010 — According to McCook Village Code, the role of
village prosecutor is as follows:

      “The village prosecutor shall prosecute all ordinance violations, to the traffic ordinances
      of the village and the uniform act regulating traffic of the state, and to prosecute all
      other Code violations upon the written or oral direction of the village attorney. ”

Which could be interpreted to mean almost anything; making this an open-ended position with
substantive responsibilities, or an opportunity for some politically -connected person to, yet
again, swindle the taxpayers of this southwest suburban Village in the 16 th [County] District.

We, at Citizens for Peraica, unfortunately find the latter more probable.

In 2009, the person who held this position, on retainer, was Luis F. Cainkar; who was paid for
providing counsel under a number of various headings.

But after a $2,500 campaign contribution from the campaign fund of “Honorable” Robert S.
Molaro, a former Illinois House Representative to the 21 st [legislative] District, paid to McCook
Mayor Jeffrey Tobolski’s campaign committee; the Village of McCook suddenly decided to
begin paying Mr. Molaro a monthly retainer for this position, instead.

Only several days separate the original campaign contribution, and the first [retainer]
disbursement made to Mr. Molaro’s firm.

“The timing of this contribution, along with the decision to put Mr. Molaro’s firm on the payroll,
is just too coincidental,” claims 16th District Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica. “And,
at the very least, I think that the U.S. Attorney’s Office should start asking a few questions.”

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