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									                              JOB DESCRIPTION
                           AND SELECTION CRITERIA

                           JOB SPECIFIC INFORMATION

Job Title:                    Administrative and Processing Support Officer

Classification:               Customs and Border Protection Level 2

Salary Package:               Package up to $76,502

Division/Branch/Section:      Corporate Operations/ Legal Services Branch

Job Opportunity:              Ongoing

Location:                     Canberra, ACT

Position No:                  888

Reports To:                   Practice Manager - Legal Services Branch

Number of Positions that      Nil
Report to this Role:

Security Classification:      Protected

Contact for enquiries:        Tori Rosemond on (02) 6275 6740

Closing Date for              16 December 2010
                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs and Border Protection) is
Australia's primary border protection agency.

Legal Services Branch
On 1 January 2010, the Legal Services Branch was established to deliver in-house legal services
to Customs and Border Protection. The Legal Services Branch supports Customs and Border
Protection's ability to meet its strategic priorities and outcomes in compliance with the law,
regulation and statutory framework. The Legal Services Branch is the first point of contact for all
legal services in Customs and Border Protection.

The Legal Services Branch supports Customs and Border Protection to make decisions and
deliver outcomes that are legally appropriate and within the scope of its power by:
   Delivering high quality, cost effective, timely and customer focused legal advice and litigation
    management services;
   Effectively managing the Legislation Program;
   Effectively managing arrangements with external legal service providers;
   Supporting the management of legal risk and legislative compliance across the agency; and
   Complying with the Legal Services Directions 2005.

                                     National Manager
                                     Legal Services Branch

        Principal Lawyer                   Principal Lawyer                 Principal Lawyer
        Director                           Director                         Director
        Admin & Commercial                 Litigation                       Legislation

The Legal Services Branch is divided into three Sections:

Legislation Section

       Manages the legislation program and Operational Delegations;
       Provides advice in relation to preparation of instruments including, delegations under the
        Public Service Act and the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1999;
       Prepares Drafting Instructions for Bills and Regulations, Explanatory Memorandums,
        Second Reading Speeches, briefing notes etc;
       Monitors scrutiny of Bills, Regulations and Ordinances;
       Clearance of / advice on tariff items, by-laws and other instruments;
       Drafts and registers legislative instruments;
       Maintains best practice regulatory requirements and reporting to the Office of Best
        Practice Regulation (OBPR);
       Provides advice on issues arising from external examination/review of Customs and
        Border Protection legislation (ALRC, Parliamentary Committees etc).

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Admin and Commercial Section:

       Provides advice related to:
            o legislation administered by Customs and Border Protection;
            o compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982, the Privacy Act 1988 and
                 section 16 of the Customs Administration Act 1985;
            o corporate operations and governance (including risk management, Chief
                 Executive Officer Instructions, claims against the Commonwealth and matters
                 arising under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997including –
                 waiver, ex gratia, defective administration etc);
            o employment and administrative law;
            o Memoranda of Understandings and similar documents;
            o procurement, commercial and property matters
       Coordinates the provision of legal advice on international law;
       Maintains the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) register and manages the MOU
        Practice Statement;
       Maintains the Intellectual Property policy and development of instructions and guidelines
        on intellectual property;
       Compiles FOI Act and Privacy Act statistics and reports.

Litigation Section

       Conducts all Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) matters for Australian Customs and
        Border Protection Service;
       Provides advice on administrative law and decision making, including assistance with
        preparation of Statements of Reasons;
       Instructs in civil litigated matters involving Australian Customs and Border Protection
       Assists external lawyers with matters before the Courts including appeals from AAT
        decisions and Customs prosecutions; and
       Assists with subpoenas and notices to produce.

The Branch also coordinates the provision of legal services from external providers via an
established legal panel.
The three Sections are supported in their work by Branch administrative staff. Specific tasks
undertaken by administrative staff include:
       File opening, maintenance and closing;
       Compilation of various internal reports;
       FOI Act administration;
       Monitoring legal expenditure
       Procurement of supplies, including stationery and office equipment

Key Improvement Priorities for the Legal Services Branch 2010 – 2011

Key priorities for the Legal Service Branch in 2010-11 focus on the development of a best practice
model for the management and delivery of legal services to Australian Customs and Border
Protection. This includes:

       Build upon our professional in house legal service delivery capability;
       Implement both Matter Management and Knowledge Management systems to support
        high quality in house legal service delivery;
       Developing business processes to improve governance for legal decision making;
       Developing Workforce Management and Learning and Development plans to support
        recruitment, retention and professional development of in house legal advisers;

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       Improving processes to support efficient and cost effective engagement and management
        of external legal service providers; and
       Develop improved Practice Guidelines and Instructions regarding requests for and the
        delivery of, legal services.

How the Role Contributes to Customs and Border Protection Outcomes

The Administrative and Processing Support Officer will support the Practice Manager and the
Legal Services Branch to deliver high quality, cost effective and timely legal advice and litigation
management services to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

The Job
As an Administrative and Processing Support Officer in the Legal Services Branch you will be
required to have excellent time management, organisational, teamwork and interpersonal skills.
You will also need to exercise a high degree of initiative and be reliable to support your Practice
Manager and the members of your team in achieving their goals. You will need to be flexible,
resilient and adaptable, to enable you to manage changing priorities in high volume work
environments. A collaborative and empathetic approach is required to support productive and
constructive relationships internally and externally.

You will be responsible for the administrative needs of the Legal Services Branch, including the
processing of financial accounts and invoices, making travel arrangements, organising meetings
and external seminars, assessment of incoming correspondence, telephone enquiries, diary
management, records management, the coordination of confidential briefing materials, Freedom of
Information (FOI) request support, and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) support. You will
also be required to provide administrative support across the broader Legal Services Branch as

The Administrative and Processing Support Officer works directly to the Practice Manager and will
build and cultivate strong relationships with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders in
order to provide high quality services to our clients.

Key Responsibilities

As part of the Legal Services Branch legal support team, key responsibilities of this position
     1. Use computer-based applications, including Outlook, Word, Excel and in-house
         databases, record keeping software and other Customs systems to produce
         correspondence, reports and other material as required.
     2. Compile statements required under section 37 of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act;
     3. Prepare other tribunal and court documents;
     4. Establish and maintain library services;
     5. Maintain electronic calendars, especially in relation to court and tribunal matters;
     6. Prepare financial, administration and human resource information, including coding and
         payment of accounts and financial reconciliations.
     7. Support management of contracts with the panel of external legal service providers,
         including monthly payment of invoices and account accrual, and the development of
         processes to monitor legal expenditure
     8. Assist the FOI Coordinator and Privacy Contact Officer with the management of the FOI
         and privacy functions
     9. Liaise with, and actively develop and maintain working relationships across the Legal
         Services Branch, the wider organisation and with external stakeholders.
     10. Organise the Legal Services Branch correspondence and coordinate travel
     11. Support the delivery of the Legal Services Branch Business Plan.

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Selection Criteria - Customs and Border Protection Level 2

Managerial and Planning
Ability to effectively organise, plan and deliver services to:
 Prioritise work loads to meet deadlines
 Contribute to work area planning
 Contribute to the achievement of team goals

Continuous Improvement and Change Management
Orientation towards continuous improvement, managing change and being flexible to:
 Support and contribute to implementing change
 Support and identify improvements to processes and practices

Communication and Client Focus
Demonstrated understanding of client needs and sound communication and interpersonal skills to:
   Build and maintain relationships with clients and colleagues
   Deliver high quality client service
   Resolve issues of conflict
   Communicate in a clear and concise manner
   Coach and provide constructive feedback

Leadership/Teams and Integrity
Demonstrated high standards of integrity and leadership skills to:
   Build effective teams
   Take a positive lead and show initiative
   Resolve and/or refer issues of ethics and probity
   Apply policy and guidelines without personal bias
   Take responsibility for self and group actions
   Foster the development of skills and abilities
   Manage performance
   Model and promote fair and equitable behaviour, the APS Values and Code of Conduct

Decision Making and Strategic Thinking
Ability to access and use information and emergent technology strategically to:
 Analyse information from various sources
 Make decisions and exercise good judgement
 Demonstrate an innovative approach to problem solving

Relevant technical knowledge (or ability to acquire knowledge) to:
 Achieve work area outcomes
 Apply relevant legislation, policy and guidelines
 Apply a broad knowledge of Customs and Border Protection functions, responsibilities and
  organisational linkages

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Addressing Selection Criteria

For assistance addressing your selection criteria please refer to ‘Cracking the Code:
How to Apply for Jobs in the Australian Public Service’ the following website:

Please limit your response to no more than 500 words per criterion.

How to apply

All Customs and Border Protection applications are to be submitted through the e-
Recruitment system (, prior to the closing
date. The system provides the opportunity to respond to Selection Criteria and upload a
current CV. Applicants who are unable to apply through e-Recruitment, will need to
contact the Recruitment Team at or the Corporate
Connect Service Desk on 1800 46 1245 during business hours prior to the closing date to
organise alternative arrangements.

If you need special consideration to enable you to participate in this process, please
advise us in your application, or if you prefer you can discuss your requirements by
emailing or phoning the contact officer.

More information
You can find more information about how to apply for vacancies using e-Recruitment on
the careers site, please read the applicant user guide located on before accessing the system for the first
time. General recruitment information is also available on the careers site.

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nt information is also available on the careers site.

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