2009 Battle of the Bands

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					                    2010 Starcade Battle of the Bands Contest

The Second Annual Starcade Battle of the Bands Contest will be held in the Youth Activities Building
(a.k.a. Hockey Building) on Saturday, September 4. Performances will take place from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00
p.m. Winners will be chosen by a panel of three judges based on musical ability, stage presence, and
crowd response.

Interested bands must submit the attached registration form and a $50.00 entry fee to the Fair Office by
Friday, August 13. The fee covers entry to the contest and a one-day pass to the fair. A CD and a list of
the songs that will be performed must be in the Fair Office by Tuesday, August 31. One member of the
band must be between the ages of 14 to 20 to enter. First place Starcade Battle of the Bands Contest
winners from previous years will not be allowed to enter this contest.

Cash prizes will be awarded as follows:
First Place       $400.00
Second Place      $300.00
Third Place       $200.00

Contest Rules:
   1. Music selected must be appropriate for all ages.

    2. No profanity in lyrics or performance.

    3. Appropriate attire must be worn.

The Central Wisconsin State Fair is a family focused event. Any band ignoring the above rules will
forfeit the remainder of their set and be disqualified from the competition. Please have each band
member sign below to acknowledge they have read and will adhere to these rules and requirements:

               Starcade Battle of the Bands Contest Entry Form

Name of Band:______________________________________________________

        First/Last Name              Phone Numbe r            Role in Band (eg. Lead Guitar)

Contact Person:



____________________         ______________________________
Phone                        Email

Alte rnate Contact Person:



____________________         ______________________________
Phone                        Email

Type of Music: ________________________________________________________________
               (Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Top 40, SKA, Country, other (please specify)

Do you primarily play original or cover songs?: _____________________________

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