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					November 17, 2009 minutes

   1. Call to Order at 3:43pm and Roll Call followed
   2. Approval of Minutes
          a.   Sent out via email
   3. The Executive Committee Report
         a. CCO
                 i. Thinking about next semester, Christmas week ideas
                ii. Check out the website
         b. CPO
                 i. GI Joe playing,
                ii. Coffee house: Zips, Thursday at 7pm
               iii. Christmas Week is only three days, there will be movies
               iv. Ornament decorations
         c. President
                 i. We are winding down but we are prepared for next semester,
                ii. outlooks for the open Senate spot is grim
               iii. For Campus Safety, there is much we as students have to do
   4. The Advisor’s Report
         a. No report
   5. The Academic Committee Report
          a.   Academic Council meeting
          b.   Tabling 1-3 pm Wednesday at the WTC
          c.   UCWR survey
   6. The Allocations Committee Report
          a.   SAE appeal
                    i. SAE
                           1. Handouts given to Senators, discussion followed with Q and A
                           2. looking for around $5000 dollars, or 300 tickets
                           3. We always sold out our events
                           4. These tickets are cheaper than the actual cost
                   ii. Allocations Committee
                           1. They resubmitted the SAF
                           2. Tickets need to be sold and the money will go back to SAF
                  iii. Motion to approve the Appeal minus the $300 dollar Phoenix ad
                           1. (for the reduction)seconded, 28 for, 1 against, 1 abstaining
                           2. (for the motion) 28 for, 2 abstaining
   7. The Facilities and Transportation Committee Report
         a. 11:30-1:30pm tomorrow in CFSU
         b. Survey data will be collected soon
   8. The JUSTICE Committee Report
         a. Working on sweat-free resolution
         b. Met with John Hardt, in charge with Jesuit Identity
         c. Meeting with Ellen Wehrman and Jyrell Keys on Wednesday
  9. The Safety and Wellness Committee Report
           a. Committee met with Officer Tim Cunningham
           b. Committee introduces Tim Cunningham to senate for presentation and
              Q and A
           c. Discussing 8-ride options and self defense classes with Campus Safety
                    i. Rad
                   ii. Student orgs
  10. The Residence Life and Dining Committee Report
           a. Sustainability week is this week
           b. Resolution presentation today
           c. Housing with student groups, will bring data back
           d. Survey in the dining halls
  11. Special Committee Reports
           a. Constitutional Review Committee
                    i. No new bills this week
                   ii. Drafting legislation to clarify once and for all the Attendance
                  iii. Brainstorming provisions for legislation on Appointees
  12. Audience to Visitors (this was done at the start of the meeting)
           a. Officer Tim Cunningham from Campus Safety came to talk to the
              USGA Senate about what role Campus Safety has on campus and its
              interaction with students
  13. Legislation
           a. The Off-Campus Rambler Bucks Acts
                    i. Chief Sponsor read the Act and gave the first speech of
                   ii. Speech of negation
                  iii. Motion to pass the Act (with friendly amendment)
                           1. 28 for, 2 abstaining
                                   a. passed
           b. The Academic Student Representation Act
                    i. Chief Sponsor read the Act and gave the first speech of
                   ii. Motion to pass the Act (previous question motion passed)
                           1. seconded, 29 for unanimously
  14. Unfinished Business
           a. Looking at Allocations for the photo-thon
                    i. fixing the problem
           b. We should have a meeting next week, we could get a lot of business
                    i. motion to have a meeting next week
                           1. failed
  15. New Business and Discussion
           a. Cancelation of Senate on Nov 24 due to Thanksgiving
           b. Next Senate Meeting: Tuesday, December 1st, 2009; 3:30pm;
              Lakeshore Campus - Lakeshore Campus - CFSU Bremner Lounge
  16. Announcements
      Motion to vote on when to have internal elections to move them to spring
              15 for, 12 against, 1 abstaining
Motion to adjoin: passed at 5pm

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