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3+ day fallow deer hunt on Little St


									       3+ day fallow deer hunt on Little St. Simons Island, Georgia
One Hunter will hunt the native population of fallow deer on Little St. Simons Island off
the coast of Georgia. A non-hunting guest (spouse/child) may accompany the hunter.
Outside the hunting season Little St. Simons Island is an award-winning, exclusive resort.
“Best small hotel in North America” Condé Nast traveler magazine 2000, “Gold list”,
Condé Nast traveler magazine 2001 & 2004, “The World's 10 Great Escapes”, Robb
report 2004

Bag limit: at least one buck and two does will be allowed. Bag limits may be increased
depending on herd management goals. There are no restrictions as to color phase and all
four color phases of fallow deer (white, chocolate, common, and spotted) are present on
the island.

Season: The fallow deer hunting season on Little St. Simons Island is dictated by
resident wildlife biologist, Brian Morse Hunting
seasons will be scheduled between October ‟05 and February „06. There are usually four
seasons per year; therefore, accommodating a busy schedule should not be a problem.

Duration: Hunt includes three nights stay on the island, plus meals and lodging for one
hunter and one non-hunter.

Transportation: Little St. Simons Island yacht “Frederica” will pick up and return
hunters to the Hampton River Club Marina on the northern end of St. Simons Island (the
big island). Hunter(s) must be at the Marina, ready to depart at 10 a.m. on their
scheduled arrival date. There is no “scheduled” shuttle service to and from the Marina
during the hunt.

Typical itinerary: Meet the Frederica at Hampton River club Marina, 10 a.m on your
arrival date and depart for Little St. Simons Island Lodge. Orientation and check-in will
occur upon arrival. Here you will receive your hunting zone assignment, field judging
tips, map of the island, dining schedule, and answers to any questions. Lunch will be
served at approximately noon. Cocktails will be served at 6 p.m. with a dinner to follow.
There will be an after dinner meeting for zone assignments or changes. Morning hunting
is at will, but in your assigned zone. Breakfast is served at 9 a.m. This basic itinerary
continues through breakfast of your departure date. Although the departure time will be
scheduled between 11 and noon, hunters are welcome to hunt the morning of their

Most cell phones can be used from the island. The office (on island) has phone, fax and
internet, but guests are encouraged to restrict these to emergency use. Brian, the
biologist, is best reached by email, but he can also return phone or fax messages when he
is not in the field.

Little St. Simons Island: toll-free 888-733-5774 fax 912-634-1811
Brian Morse:

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