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					       Maplecroft risk indices
        Measuring risk issues
           Quantify the intrinsic economic, environmental, political and societal country risks you face
           With our user-friendly indices you can assess a range of complex risk issues
           Integrate the data into your risk and reputation management systems
           Set your own risk management priorities using this valuable data tool

        Building the risk data
        We build our risk indices from quantitative and qualitative indicators and other data collected by UN agencies and other internationally respected
        sources. With our thorough understanding of the issues and robust methodology we combine and weight the indicators to give you a single
        accurate measure of the risk or issue of interest. Using this approach allows us to provide a richer and more informative picture of risk than can
        be gained from individual datasets.
        All our risk indices use the same easy-to-understand scale and categorisation so you can compare and aggregate risks. We also provide access
        to the underlying data, allowing you to drill down for a greater level of detail on individual countries.

     Risk areas covered
     •	Aid                                  •	Corporate	governance                      •	Forced	labour                             •	Natural	disasters
     •	Air	quality                          •	Debt                                      •	Greenhouse	gas	emissions                  •	Political	and	civil	rights
     •	Avian	influenza	risk                 •	Digital	inclusion                         •	Growth	competitiveness                    •	Political	risk
     •	Biodiversity                         •	Displacement                              •	Health	and	safety                         •	Pollution
     •	Bribery	and	corruption               •	Education                                 •	HIV/AIDS                                  •	Poverty
     •	Business	ethics                      •	Emerging	powers	(BRICS)                   •	Human	rights	risk                         •	Renewable	energy
     •	Carbon	resources                     •	Employment	terms	and	conditions           •	Human	security                            •	Terrorism
     •	Child	labour                         •	Energy	security	risk                      •	Hunger                                    •	Tuberculosis
     •	Child	rights                         •	Financial	inclusion                       •	Labour                                    •	Water
     •	Climate	change	vulnerability         •	Financial	market	risk                     •	Malaria
     •	Conflict	risk                        •	Fiscal	risk                               •	Military	expenditure

        A unique resource                                                               Convenient formats – maps and report cards
        We have grouped these risk indices into discrete sets according to              You can pick and choose from our table of individual indices or select
        primary business applications:                                                  a set based on your business application (left). We also specialise
          •	 Ethical value chain                                                        in producing bespoke indices that are tailored to your own company
          •	 Business continuity                                                        footprint, sector, issue or other requirements. We deliver our risk
          •	 Global risks                                                               indices in numerous formats to meet your analysis and communication
          •	 Potential in emerging markets                                              needs, for example:
          •	 Sustainability and security                                                  •	 Spreadsheets
                                                                                          •	 Maps (hard-copy and interactive)
                                                                                          •	 Country report cards

               Contact for more information
                                                                                                                                         risk responsibility reputation

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