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Viddymatic Review by suncharlie


Viddymatic. Enjoy the power of instant ‘popup’ videos…

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Add any number of videos quickly & easily into your pages, or
trigger them as snazzy 'popups' ('hover' over the page)
Redirect any video to any other web page
Protect videos (and other files) from bandwidth theft on an Amazon
S3 account (a truly great way to store your videos) - this alone could
save you a fortune, and great for protecting 'members only' content!
Unique 'Wordpress'* video plugin, plus a version for standard** web
pages too

Take away the "geek speak" of web video with ongoing web video
help: if you barely know a THING about creating and uploading web
video, we'll show you how
All you need is your web browser: PC, Mac (& Linux) friendly!

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